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Dr. Amie Gregory, DC, CCEP


$129.00 Complete Chiropractic Evaluation*

Includes exam, consultation, 1st treatment & Complimentary 60-minute massage voucher.

Our  calendar which is available 24 hours a day.

Online scheduling
To save time, please fill out our New Patient Intake form, and bring it with you. If you can’t, please arrive 20 minutes early.

*Massage voucher valid for 30 days and can’t be combined with other offers.
**Insurance reimbursements may differ from new patient special

If you have problems doing so or there are no available spots, give us a call, we will find an appointment time.

Our office may be different from what you have experienced before because we analyze and address your whole body and its systems (including your organs).  This is done non-invasively and discomfort free.

Pain is a health problem normally based on injuries or long term posture and lifestyle issues that need to be addressed and dealt with.  We help find out what could be causing problems you may be experiencing and tackle this together.  Whether you are in pain or you want to function at a higher quality, we guide and tailor all of our sessions exclusively for you and track your progress along the way making changes as needed for your lifestyle.  This allows you to live the life you deserve and do the things you love to do!  Isn’t that what life is all about?

Our treatments are gentle and natural allowing your body to heal and stay healthy without the use of drugs or surgery.

Dr. Gregory works with everyone from expectant mothers, people who have been in a car accident, sport soft tissue injuries and malfunction, postural issues, repetitive stress injuries or a plethora of other health concerns.  During times when your body has been impaired and uncomfortable, our plans will change in order to address these issues and get you back on track again.

We also provide on-site massage, Integrative Body Healing, rehabilitative techniques (Graston and Cold Laser), nutritional counseling and physical therapy (exercises) depending on your needs.

Find out what chiropractic really does: Watch this video to see how chiropractic effects the whole body:

Our Redwood City Chiropractic office is located in the heart of downtown Redwood City! We understand how the body works and get results. Give us a call today we would love to help you with your health goals!

Why Choose us?

Because we provide the cutting edge of technology and treatment and we are supportive, friendly and provide a welcoming family like environment. If you come in for wellness and health, an injury, post car accident,  recovery after surgery or have a problem you just can’t figure out how to handle, we will work hard to get you back to the YOU, you know you can be.

We build each treatment plan around your needs, wants and goals. Young or old, athlete or not, whether you are coming to us for wellness or a healthier you, we customize our plan to get the quickest results and keep you in tip top shape!