Are American’s (United States) Healthy?

According to research, Americans Aren’t Making the Health Grade

The above headline comes from the June 30, 2003 ABC News online. The story is in reaction to a report commissioned by the American Academy of Family Physicians which finds that a full 98 percent of the 1,000 adults polled admit they have at least one of the unhealthy habits they were asked about, such as smoking, not exercising enough, handling stress poorly or eating a less-than-healthful diet.

Among the findings from the study that were listed in the article are:

  • Twenty-six percent said they smoke at least sometimes, and half of these people acknowledged it’s a harmful habit.
  • Only 48 percent said they maintain a healthy weight.
  • About 42 percent of women and 31 percent of men said they aren’t doing well at stress management.
  • Thirty-two percent said they don’t limit dietary fat.
  • Only 25 percent said they work out vigorously five or more hours a week.
  • Thirteen percent said they don’t have time to watch their fat intake, and 47 percent gave no reason for not watching it.

When asked why they continue a habit that’s unhealthy, 24 percent said they lack willpower or self-control, and another 14 percent said stress was to blame. Dr. Michael O. Fleming, a family physician in Shreveport, La., and president-elect of the American Academy of Family Physicians, which commissioned the health behavior poll made this suggestion, “The main thing is to begin to take things seriously,” Fleming says. People must realize the importance of managing risk factors for disease, he says, or they’ll pay the price, probably sooner than they think.

If you are not feeling like you are as healthy as you could be and want your body to function at its highest level, give us a call.  We cover the full spectrum of wellness care at our Redwood City Chiropractic office.


Frequently Asked Questions About Chiropractic Treatment

Question 1: Will Chiropractic Help Me?

In a word, YES! But does this mean chiropractic will make you feel better with your particular health problem?

Your body is self-healing. This means your body can correct most of its own health problems. But this can only happen if your body is functioning normally. Your nervous system is the master controller of all function in your body. It is the job of your nerve system to see that everything is functioning properly and keeping you healthy.

So, When I see a Chiropractor will they help me feel better? 

In a word, YES! But it is your body that ultimately heals you and helps you feel better. Chiropractors do not claim to heal you or cure you. Healing come from inside you.

It is your nerve system that controls the function of your body and ultimately your health. Any interference to your nerve system will effect the function of your body and therefore effect your body’s ability to keep you healthy.

In essence, only you can cure you. What the chiropractor does is to locate and remove interference to your nervous system and thus allow your body’s healing abilities to take over.

What is this Subluxation that I hear chiropractors talk about?

This is when there is an interference to your nervous system when bones in your spine (vertebrae) move out of alignment and apply pressure or irritate the nerves that come out from between the spinal vertebrae. This then causes the nerve system to malfunction. When your nerves malfunction, parts of your body will function at less than 100% of their abilities.  This includes your organs since they are regulated by the nervous system as well!

When these vertebrae move out of place and cause interference to your nervous system, it is known as a Subluxation. Chiropractors seek to correct subluxations by a series of specific chiropractic adjustments to your spine. By correcting these subluxations you are allowing your nervous system to work normally and therefore allowing your body to heal itself.

Will they cure my problem?

Chiropractic helps you by working to free your nervous system of interference from subluxations.  Nerves in your spine go to organs and tissues.  If you are not getting the proper signals to those areas they will become stressed and weak which may lead to problems.  Everyday we encounter stress.  Physical (falls/accidents), Emotional (work/family stress), Chemical (pesticides/junk food).  This can take a toll on the body and when it takes a toll, it affects the nerves.  When we administer care, we are igniting those nerves and increasing blood flow and taking away stress in those areas allowing them to heal.  This is how we help the body.  The Cure comes from the body itself.  We are conduits for that process.  So, we don’t cure anything, we help your body heal on its own.  We also can give advice on lifestyle changes which also allows your body to work efficiently and decrease stress.  Make Sense?

Again, Doctors of Chiropractic do not treat your pain, symptoms or diseases. Though most people come into the office with pain or some other symptom, what chiropractors do is take the stress out of your body  and find the cause of what is causing the symptom.  This enables your body’s own innate healing abilities, so that you can heal yourself.  Pain goes away because your body is functioning properly, it is as simple as that!

Millions of people have found health after suffering with all kinds of problems. Your body will always be better off with a nervous system free of interference from subluxations.


Under chiropractic care, not only should you feel better, but with your nerve system functioning better, you should actually be healthier because your body is free of stress and working at its optimal level.