6 Common Questions About Chiropractic

Chiropractors have a different approach to health.  There have been a lot of articles published on the effectiveness of chiropractors.  If you are considering visiting a chiropractor here are some common questions people usually ask:

1. What do chiropractors do?

Chiropractors are doctors who specialize in keeping the spinal column and nervous system functioning properly. When the spine and body are moving and functioning correctly, every nerve, tissue, muscle is working at its optimal level.  This allows you to thrive and stay healthy.  It is not uncommon for people who commonly get the flu or colds every winter to suddenly have none of these symptoms when experiencing chiropractic treatments.   This may be because the nervous system connects to the immune system.  If ignited by a chiropractic adjustment, it can decrease such illnesses.

2. What education do they have?

Chiropractors must complete three years of university which includes prerequisites of biology, anatomy, chemistry and physics followed by four years at a chiropractic college.  Training also includes numerous hours of clinical hands on training.

3. Does it hurt to get your spine adjusted and what is that popping sound?

No it doesn’t hurt.  It actually in many cases can give instant relief without any drugs.  Many people visit a chiropractor routinely just like going for regular dental check-ups.  This is called “Wellness Care”.  The sound you hear when an adjustment is made is CO2 leaving the joint space. If you notice that when you crack your knuckles, you can’t keep cracking them over and over again.  This is because the CO2 has to accumulate before making that sound again.

4. Do physicians recommend or refer others for chiropractic care?

Many do and are being treated by chiropractors themselves.   There are some that hold old falsehoods about chiropractors that were implemented by the American Medical Association in an attempt to hold the market on healthcare, but most Medical Doctors are understanding the benefits based on their own experiences and the experiences of their patients who have visited a chiropractic facility.

5. If I go to see a chiropractor, does this mean I have to go forever?

That’s entirely up to you. Some people only want pain or symptom relief while others understand that keeping their bodies free of stress, bad posture and malfunction allows them to play the sports they want and stay healthy longer.  Like a car, your body has constant stress and wear, and it benefits from a ‘tune-up’. However, which treatment approach you want is always your choice.

6. Isn’t it expensive?

Not really. Usually in the beginning of care, there are more visits so it seems expensive but as you progress in care, it is quite affordable.  Also, taking drugs and surgery for symptom relief costs way more than  chiropractic care and they may have side effects or long term problems.  Chiropractic care finds the underlying cause of your symptom and helps restore and maintain good health without side effects.

Just think about this…maintaining a car costs about $6,000 a year. Chiropractic care costs a fraction of that and you leave feeling great and have total control of your health.  It is your body, treat it with respect and it will show you great results!

Remember….chiropractic is gentle, safe, affordable and can keep everyone healthy from your grandmother to you child.  Even expectant mothers!
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