8 Tips For The Best Massage!

Here are some tips for those of you who may be confused about the etiquette during a massage and what can help make the experience amazing:

1. Let your preferences be known to the massage therapist: Preferred pressure, injuries or tender spots need to be addressed before the massage starts. If when you are receiving a massage, there is too much pressure it is not a good thing. Too much pressure will make your body feel “sore” and can become an injury. Pain is not part of a normal massage even though a lot of people especially athletes think it needs to hurt to get results.

2. Don’t show up late: Normally, it is good to arrive 5-10 minutes early if you can. This will allow you to go to the restroom or address anything you may need beforehand. Arriving late will cut the massage time short in order to accommodate the next client.

3. Understand that a 60 minute massage doesn’t always mean body work is for exactly an hour: There is prep time and changing time in the 60 minute time slot. Sometimes if there is not a person following you, you may get 60 minutes of body work but normally a 60 minute massage means around 50 minutes of tissue work and the rest is prep time.
Making sure there are clean linens and a clean and available space is also part of the experience.

4. Turn off your cell phone. Getting a call while on the table will tense up your muscles and make it harder for the massage therapist. It disrupts the flow of the massage if your phone is going off frequently. If you need to keep it on in case of a family emergency or work emergency then let someone know and it is always a good idea to have it high enough so you can hear but low enough so that it is not startling to the system.

5. Good Hygiene: Please be relatively clean when coming in for a massage.Feet, hair, skin should be clean so that it is not spread on the rest of the body.

6. No artificial fragrances: Scents are hard to get out of a small room and can irritate someone who has allergies. No scent is the best way to go.

7. No sexual innuendoes please: Massage therapists are professional and want to help you with any anatomical and physical issues you have helping you heal and relax. Joking about sex or flirting will make them uncomfortable and they have every right to stop the massage and still have you pay in full for their time. No professional body worker wants to be referred to as a sex worker.

8.Tips are customary: Tips show that you are satisfied with the work that is done and most massage therapists get paid only a fraction of what the charge is based on the cost of space, laundry and supplies. The customary tips are 15 to 20 percent on each visit.