Is Carrying A Backpack Good For My Child?

Kids carry heavy backpacks with school supplies.  Many times the backpack is carried over one shoulder pulling on one side of the neck.  This causes one shoulder to be higher than the other.  This can start to cause postural problems, headaches and neck pain.  Also, because the load is so heavy, kids often bend over pushing their head forward causing more stress on the neck and shoulders.   Research has come back showing that kids backpacks can be up to 30% of their body weight.  That is pretty heavy and to carry this load several days a week can have some huge affects on the body!

Prolonged stress on the back not only causes upper back and neck problems but lower back problems because of the strain on the spinal column.  Posture can be greatly affected because children are still very flexible and growing.  Please choose ergonomic backpacks that put less stress on the back and shoulders and ALWAYS have both straps around the shoulders to prevent unnecessary stress on the body.  This will enable your child to have a fighting chance against postural problems in the future!

Here are some things to look for when buying a backpack:

– Padded backs to help reduce pressure on shoulders, arms and back.

– Belts for the hip and chest to aide in proper weight distribution.

– Multiple compartments so that items can be placed in the pack with better balance and distribution plus keeping them secure and easy to access.

– Stabilizing compression straps on the sides and bottom to help secure and compress the contents.

– Reflective patches to increase pre-dawn or night safety.

Hope this helps!