Autism and Chiropractic Care

In a study of two cases of individuals diagnosed with autism undergoing chiropractic care here are the outcomes after receiving chiropractic adjustments.

This Case Study involves a 20 year old autistic male who displayed aggressive behavior towards others and the other is a 17-year-old autistic female who abuses herself.

After an evaluation, both patients received a trial of chiropractic care for 5 and 4 months respectively with visit frequency of once per week.  Both patients had positive effects after receiving chiropractic care.  The 20 year old male showed a decrease in aggressive behavior and the female patient decreased self-abuse and improved socialization.

Conclusion:  This case series provides supporting evidence that individuals with autism may benefit from chiropractic care.

This is no surprise since it is proven in many studies that chiropractic care can improve function of the brain with each adjustment administered!