Bell’s Palsy, What Is It? What Can Be Done?

Bell’s palsy happens suddenly.  You may awake with one part of your face drooping.  The 7th cranial nerve is responsible for this problem.  It is called (and rightfully so), the facial nerve.   This nerve passes through an opening in the temporal bone located on the side of your head.  If irritated, stretched or impinged it will lose its ability to innervate the facial muscles of your face. You may be unable to raise your eyebrows, pucker your lips, blink or smile.  Basically, you have lost the ability to produce a facial expression.  It can sometimes seem like you are having a stroke.  After a stroke is ruled out, this is when you know it is bell’s palsy.


Pain around the ear can often happen before the facial nerve shows signs of paresis (muscle weakness) or paralysis.  The front of one side of the face usually feels heavy or numb.  Paresis, often with complete paralysis, develops within hours and is usually maximal within 48 to 72 hours.

After the examiner notices a drooping face on one side, testing is administered and if positive, safe chiropractic care can be started.   If treatment is unsuccessful, then you may want to get checked and cleared for:

  1. Herpes
  2. Ear infections
  3. Sarcoidosis
  4. Lyme disease
  5. Skull fractures
  6. Carcinomatous
  7. Meningitis
  8. Tumors


Medical doctors like to administer corticosteroids which can only be given a limited amount of times and actually has been shown to decrease healing time for tissues in the body and break down joint and bone tissue if used long term.  Chiropractors can adjust the first bone (Atlas) in your neck which can free up the fascial nerve without any side effects.  C1 or Atlas is located near the brain stem and can affect the whole body.

Even if you are not an advocate for chiropractic or have never tried.  Getting treatment is safe, effective and has no side effects.  Ingesting drugs is always an option if the treatment does not provide results.  Pharmaceuticals can produce harmful affects on the liver, kidneys, pancreas and other organs and stress the system.  Try chiropractic, you may be surprised by the results!