Chiropractors Are Really Wellness Doctors!

Chiropractors understand that getting adjusted promotes increased immunity and general health.  Our profession has helped millions of people with not only musculoskeletal issues but other areas of the body, all without using drugs or surgery. Chiropractors are board certified doctors but not MDs and want to keep it that way.   MDs prescribe drugs to treat ailments but chiropractors help people with alternative measures instead of drugs and invasive therapies.  Our treatments allow the body to heal on its own naturally.   Now, that is remarkable.

We know that our brain and spinal cord affects the whole body! Here is how.  Every signal leaving the spine goes throughout the body and dictates your general health and function. This is why misalignments that put pressure and stress on the nerves can cause various symptoms.  Pain is commonly why people see a chiropractor initially but pain is not the only thing that occurs when a misalignment happens. Digestive issues, bowel issues, decreased sensations and other symptoms can happen as well.

Interference of the nerves and brain can be changed when alignment is assessed and if necessary corrected. Chiropractors are the only health care professionals specifically trained to locate and correct “spinal subluxations” which affect each nerve the joint is attached to. Each time a chiropractor administers an adjustment, the effects are felt in multiple systems instantaneously.

Chiropractic is not a science and can’t be proven can it? Well, yes it can….

Chiropractors have known for decades that chiropractic is not only beneficial for pain relief but also for general health. We are the people that are in most demand for any type of spinal syndrome but people are finally beginning to understand how we can effect health and wellness without drugs or surgery.

The Center for Disease Control now reports that one of the most popular forms of alternative medicine is chiropractic.

Research is catching up to what chiropractors have known for years. Normally, chiropractors do not have the means and funds for expensive studies but with the popularity and health effects it is beginning to open the eyes of researchers.

In a international study involving hundreds of chiropractors and thousands of chiropractic patients, researchers sought to measure the incidence of non-musculoskeletal responses to chiropractic therapy. This study found that patients had systemic improvements even when they did not mention these upon examination. The most common systems that were effected were breathing (27%), digestion (26%) and circulation (21%). Blood pressure was shown to be decreased after treatment to the neck in another study.

So, though chiropractors help with neck and back pain, wellness and prevention is really what chiropractic does. We prevent surgery and can keep you healthy without the reliance of drugs! It just isn’t marketed that way because most articles and research has been focused on pain.

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