Dizziness, Vertigo and Meniere’s Disease

Dizziness, Vertigo and Meniere’s Disease Can Be Treated with a Chiropractic Adjustment!

Meniere’s Disease is vertigo or dizziness that is associated with an inner ear disorder.  Fluid builds up in the inner ear that eventually bursts and affects sur­rounding areas of the ear and causes vertigo and other damage to occur. Treatment usually involves reduction of alcohol usage, and restrictions on salt, caffeine and potassium in the diet.

A new study reported in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation shows that dizziness or vertigo problems are caused by a Vertebral Subluxation (misalignment of the spinal column).

Dizziness/vertigo/meniere’s  is relieved by a specific adjustment of the misaligned cervical spinal bone.  This allows the inner ear to drain properly and stop the affects of being off balance.

If you suffer from dizziness, vertigo or Meniere’s disease, I urge you to see a local chiropractor. If you live in San Mateo County, call 650.353.1133. Dr. Amie Gregory, a Redwood City, California Chiropractor at Precise Moves Chiropractic has had great success with many patients who suffered with vertigo and dizziness!