Do Chiropractors Have as Much Scientific Training as a Medical Doctor?

As you may know, Chiropractors differ from traditional western medicine MDs in training.  Chiropractic school is 4 years long which also includes clinic time.  The first two years of school are mainly scientific classes and the last two years are classes plus clinic (working with patients while supervised by senior chiropractors).   Although Chiropractors are not required to do an internship after graduating, most work with senior chiropractors which serves like a residency.

Here is an idea of what training is like for both Medical Doctors and Chiropractors:

So there it is….we actually have MORE educational hours than Medical Doctors.   It is often surprising to people when they find out how much education we have to have in order to be licensed.  We also go through rigorous board exams to become licensed as well.  Hope that answers any questions you may have about what our training is!