Drugs Are Overused In The United States

According to a survey conducted for the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP), more than half (51%) of U.S. adults take two or more medications per day, (including over-the-counter drugs). In this study, it showed that 46% take at least one prescription medication daily and 28% take multiple prescription drugs per day. Those are high numbers in my opinion and sometimes absolutely unnecessary.  There are many healthy solutions out there but it is easy to get a drug from an MD or over the counter.

These figures from ASHP show that an alarming rate of the adult population in the United States uses drugs of some kind. You may think it is mostly the elderly and you are right. People over 65 years old have the highest daily usage (79%) and take at least one medication daily.  They also average 4 medications per day!

In my opinion taking so many medications can cause problems because of different interactions and increase the chance of having side effects.  Keeping your cholesterol down, blood pressure at normal levels can easily be done with food and exercise, even in your later years.  Several herbs can be replaced instead of using synthetic drugs and there are limited side effects. The intake of drugs, is hard on your liver, kidneys, pancreas and other vital organs.  Treat your body well…it will repay you in return!

References: January 16 2001 PRnewswire