How Can the Emotion of Love Help Your Life?

Lets start with defining love.  Here is what Webster Dictionary states as a definition of love:

  • 1. A feeling of strong or constant affection for a person
  • 2. Attraction that includes sexual desire : the strong affection felt by people who have a romantic relationship
  • 3. A person you love in a romantic way

When this word is spoken to another person or felt from another person, it produces strong, visceral responses.  It is a word that can separate parents and children if not said enough, break up relationships if said too soon or not reciprocated.  It is a commonality that we all have around the world and is something cherished in every country.

Clearly love produces positive, happy emotions.  It can ward off stress, conflict and pain both mentally and physically. Love also has the power to heal and renew ones emotional well being. Research has shown that performing loving actions neutralize negative thoughts which can have an effect on the immune system, endocrine/hormones, and cardiovascular system.

There are many studies that have shown to help with cancer when patients have close healthy and happy relationships with their family.  Patients in loving relationships also were shown to recover quicker and in some cases cancer was eliminated all together.

Ever get “butterflies” in your stomach?  This is a visceral reaction a person gets when the body is connection with strong attraction that happens when a person is falling in love with someone.  The body responds with the mind.  That is incredible!  This shows how powerful the word and emotions is physically and emotionally.

3. Love leads to better health.

Studies have shown that patients involved in a loving, long-term relationship live longer than those who are not.   One reason is that people involved in a relationship typically don’t want to disappoint their partner by being ill or unable to live the lifestyle they are accustomed to.  Also, each partner person cares about the health of the other partner and if there is a health issue, they will convince you to go to the proper professional for evaluation.

Did you know that oxytocin is secreted in the system when a person feels loved?  This is an Endorphin that makes people feel good.  It also lowers the levels of stress chemicals in our system leading to better adaptability of your central nervous system leading to better health.

So, when we hug our kids, partner, siblings, grandparents, friends or whomever else we care about, we are actually helping them stay healthy and keeping ourselves healthy!

So, don’t refrain from giving love and showing love.  Everyone will benefit!

Make sure that you get your daily dose of hugs, affection, smiles and physical sexual activity whenever you can!