Physical Therapy Or Chiropractic?

When someone is injured in a car accident, injured at work or during an athletic event rehabilitation is necessary.  In most cases when this happens, they usually see a medical doctor.  During their visit they are often referred to a physical therapist for exercises.  Physical Therapy is a great way to condition your muscles and body after an injury but making sure the body is moving and aligned correctly so exercises can work at its capacity is key for faster healing. Lets look at how chiropractic can help facilitate health and help with injuries.

As a chiropractor, I offer soft tissue relief and rehabilitation, exercises, physiotherapy and musculo-skeletal relief.   Combining several techniques and formats help with quicker results.

At my office, I offer a long term solution to get you healthy and functioning at your highest level.  After your pain has subsided and your bones and tissues are stabilized, you will begin an exercise program that will keep you healthy.  You just have to stick to it!

Give us a call if you have had an auto injury, hurt yourself during a sporting event or have any physical complaint. We can give you a consultation right over the phone to see if it would be beneficial for you to come in for treatment or visit another facilitator.