Physical Therapy, Sports Injury, Scar Tissue And Chiropractic

When a person injures themselves and sees a medical doctor, in most cases the M.D. sends them to physical therapy to strengthen the injured area.  Exercise is great for your body and health but there is a difference between stretching and strengthening.

First of all, depending on the injury, there may be numerous areas of scar tissue that has to be alleviated in order for the muscles to function properly without further injury.  If exercise is done too soon, it may only add to the problem.  After most accidents or sport injuries, the chances of scar tissue forming is very high.  This needs to be addressed before building your muscles.  Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Therapy is great at getting rid of scar tissue quickly and easily.  It is used by trainers and athletes around the world.

After the scar tissue has been addressed, it must be determined whether stretching or strengthening is needed.  Stretching your muscles is key before starting any exercise program. You don’t want to start exercising a muscle that is already stiff and tight.  That will increase the chance of a further tear or injury.  After a few bouts of stretching, you will become more flexible and are now ready to start an exercise program.

Physical Therapy is great and offers a wonderful benefit to healing.  However, if your body is not aligned or moving properly, physical therapy can only do so much.  Chiropractic aligns the body properly to enable proper function.   We offer more than just an adjustment, you can get it all!

At Precise Moves Chiropractic in Redwood City, we offer proper alignment of the body, massage and physiotherapy.  This helps you get better results quicker!

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