Reasons For “Turf Toe”

Turf Toe is pain occurring at the base of the big toe.  Most commonly it happens where your big toe bends when you are walking or running.  Turf Toe happens after a after constant slamming of your toe down when running, jumping or walking.  This can be a repetitive injury that can keep re-occuring throughout life if a person does not learn how to prevent it.  This injury is frequently seen with athletes who play football, rugby, soccer, wrestling or any sport that promotes “pushing off” quickly with resistance.

Keeping the foot healthy and moving properly with the use of stiff sole Orthotics when necessary can prevent the symptom of Turf Toe.   It is common to have bracing during athletic performances to prevent excessive hyperextension of the toe.  This is fine but what about when we are not working out?

Chiropractic adjustments along with proper Orthotics can prevent Turf Toe.  Jamming your foot into the ground constantly will jam up the foot joints making it impossible for your foot to function the way it is supposed to.  We will Make sure that all 26 bones in the foot are moving properly.  This will make sure that there is not any added pressure to the big toe and prevent chronic flare ups from occurring.

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