Redwood City Olympian Lili Zhang Competes in Rio 2016

Love the olympics?  Did you know that the Bay Area has a large constituent in the olympics? Well, we do….

We are fortunate enough to have several athletes in the 2016 Rio Olympics.  Northern California has a whopping 84 athletes out of a total of 555 for the United States.

In the 2012 London games, 71 of the 530 athletes had Bay Area ties, making up 13.9% of the contingency. This year’s number (13.7%) is slightly lower, however, there are some participants that are from Cal or Stanford competing in the summer olympic games.

One Redwood City native is Lili Zhang.   Lili is a table tennis athlete.  Here are some of her accomplishments:

1. 2010 and 2011 during the U.S. National Championships where Zhang won the title in the junior girls’ event and was the runner-up in women’s singles.

2.  In 2011, won a bronze medal in women’s singles and women’s team during the Pan American Games. She also dominated the women’s doubles and won the title at the Qatar Peace and Sport Cup.

3. 2012, she won her first national championship in women’s singles

4.   In 2012, She competed in the London games and was the 2012 US national champion in women’s singles competition.

5. Currently, she is a member of the United States National Women’s team and is competing in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Wishing everyone in the Bay Area good luck during these olympics.  You are all amazing!