Redwood City Statistics

Redwood City is considered the peninsula and was originally inhabited by the Ohlone people who used the ports for lumber and selling of other goods.  It is only 25 miles away from San Francisco and 27 minutes away from San Jose (both estimations are without traffic of course).  It is around 19 square miles wide and is 15 feet above sea level.

What is great about this city is not only the weather but how easily accessible it is to get to no matter where you are in the bay area.  If driving, Highway 101 and 280 are easy to get to and extend from the San Francisco shoreline to the Santa Cruz mountains.

If you don’t drive, Caltrain has a stop in the heart of downtown and runs frequently.  SamTrans has several routes that go through downtown Redwood City and have flexible schedules.

Here are some statistics about Redwood City:

* It was incorporated in 1867

* Average high temperature ranges from 58 to 84 degrees Faranheit

* Average low temperatures range from 38 to 54 degrees Faranheit

* Median Age: 35.5

* Median Income: 77,561

* Population: 76,815

* Median persons per household: 3.26

* Education: Bachelors degree or higher: 42,7% (+/-3.5%)

* Average house median: $764, 500

* Number of housing units: 29,167

These statistics are according to the 2010 US Census, 2011 American Community Survey and Zillow (November 2012)