We provide the latest techniques and our methods are gentle, safe, comfortable and highly effective.

We utilize Drop Table (Thompson Technique), Diversified Technique, Activator, Athletic Injury and Extremity Care, Sound Assisted Soft tissue Mobilization (A Graston Technique) and the full range of rehabilitation helping your nervous system work efficiently leading to wellness and allowing your body to function the way it should.

Other techniques incorporated are Sacro Occipital Technique (S.O.T.), Activator Methods, Upper Cervical, Gonstead, Webster Technique (for expectant mothers), Physiotherapy, Trigger Point Therapy, Neuromuscular Re-Education, Myofascial Technique and Cold Laser.


We understand that each patient is different so we provide individual treatment plans tailored to their individual needs. Dr. Amie Gregory provides programs that focus on finding the cause of your discomfort and helping your body maintain its proper function and form. This will enable you to enjoy doing the things you love and ensure that you remain living the healthy vibrant life you desire!

At Precise Moves, we provide a well-rounded natural approach to care. We provide fitness programs, nutritional and postural advice, ergonomic and lifestyle counseling. We can help anyone from expectant mothers, high-Tech workers or anyone with having issues with posture, repetitive strains, sports injuries, car accident complications, extremity distress or dysfunction, soft tissue rehabilitation (muscles/tendons) but that is not we are limited to. Our treatments can effect your whole body allowing you to remain healthy.


Stress is always the reason why our body becomes overwhelmed and dysfunctions. Emotional, Chemical and Physical stress on the body can stay stagnant if not treated and lead to your body not working as it is intended. Emotional stress includes family issues, deadlines at work, long lines and traffic. Chemical stress is eating junk food, pesticides, smoking. Physical stress is athletic injuries, falls, car accidents, repetitive activities. Our body will do all it can to take care of these stressors but at times can become overloaded and breakdown. Spinal adjustments relieve stress that has accumulated and help your body to heal and restore. Our goal is to keep your body working at its highest level allowing you to live your life pain free and do the things that you love.

If you would like to learn more, click here . This video is for kids but very informative.

We work hard to find out why issues may be arising in your body, find solutions and monitor your progress with our Insight Subluxation Station. This technology is used by NASA to evaluate astronauts to make sure they are capable and ready for flight. It is also used by professional teams like and by athletes from many professional teams like the Indianapolis Colts. It has been featured on the Discovery Channel, PBS’s American Medical Review, Heartbeat of America hosted by William Shatner, and in dozens of newspaper articles. This technology incorporates a Thermograph, Electromyograph and Heart Rate Variability machine to analyze total health and wellness. It is non-invasive painless and extremely accurate. Everyone feels great until they have a symptom. This allows us to track your body and make sure we catch imbalances leading to dis-ease. We can see how you are progressing in care and can prevent anything that may be festering from transpiring.

To learn more about this technology please see watch this video:

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