Stress and Health Analysis


Stress and Wellness Technology

In addition to any orthopedic, muscle testing and body analysis we may perform at our office, we also utilize the most innovative and scientific technology to track your care and progress.  We use the Insight Millennium which is used by Cardiologists, professional athletes and trainers to track your progress and keep you healthy. It is completely painless, non-invasive, safe with no side effects.  This is how we do it:

1. Heart Rate Variability/Pulse Wave Profiler:

We can determine your body’s overall ability to handle stress and adapt to the environment.  It determines the balance and tension within your nervous system which connects to your organs, muscles, tissues and even your immune system.

2. Electromyograph:

This device allows us to measure your body’s muscle tone and balance.  We can evaluate the function of your muscles and figure out what areas are overworked or underutilized causing loss of proper movement and alignment.

3. Thermograph:

This test allows us to assess the part of your body that controls your organs, glands and blood vessels.  This technology allows us to track areas of your body that may be affiliated with symptoms beyond pain that you may not have even known were related to your spine.

4. Inclinometer:

This allows us to detect any restricted motion or altered body mechanics that may need to be addressed.

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