Several ways scar tissue can lead to musculoskeletal problems

Scars from old injuries surgeries (procedures) are over looked quite a bit after they have “healed”. Your skin is the largest organ and is very complicated as is much of the human body. After closing, the tissue can inhibit proper movement of the body leading to pain and injuries.

Normal muscle fibers run parallel to each other in a neat and orderly fashion. When scar tissue happens it is in a haphazard pattern. Just like a scar on the outside of your skin there are fibers inside your body that can not be seen. All scar tissue is knotty and twisted. So, if you have had a C-section, athletic injury or car accident injury, wherever that scar is can create improper movement of the kinetic chain it is attached to. This means, if you have had a C-Section, it can affect your core and even your Glutes since they move with the core as well.

Scar tissue is not elastic and will not move with the muscles as easily as did pre-injury. Because of its effect on movement, it will effect the joints which may lead to future complications.

After surgeries or injuries scar tissue is usually a bit sensitive. It will become less sensitive but just because you can’t feel it on the scar during a workout, does not mean that it can’t hurt you.

Chronic pain around the scar tissue should be treated by a doctor, and that is where I come in. We can do releases to the scar and test any weak muscle or joint to see how movement has been changed and enhanced. We can also accelerate healing with our Amino Neuro Frequency therapy, cold laser or other methods for natural and safe healing and keep you getting better and well.

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