Spinal And Extremity Care

Chiropractors are masters of the spine and nervous system.  We track and follow symptomatic patterns in the body and relieve stressors in these areas which allow the body to function at its highest level.  Did you know that we can affect any joint in the body?  Yes! Its true!  Some chiropractors believe that the whole body including your hands, feet, shoulders etc. are all involved in symptomatic problems in the body and here is why….

Everyone has heard about the kinetic chain we have on our bodies.  Remember the song…hand bones connected to the wrist bone, the wrist bones connected to the elbow bone?  Well, chiropractors certified in chiropractic extremities by the Council of Extremity Adjusting believes this to be true.

Everything is connected so after we adjust the spine, we make sure the other areas of the body are addressed to make sure they don’t affect the movement and function of your body.

I am the only chiropractor in the San Mateo County area that is certified by the CEA to adjust ribs, arms, legs, shoulders, feet and address TMJ problems.  If you have any problem in your body, we can help!