Stress Study Shows Noise At Work Can Decrease Productivity

According to an article written by the Journal of Applied Psychology in October of 2000,

Environmental psychologists at Cornell University discovered that low-level noise experienced while at work results in higher levels of stress and lowers productivity.

“Forty experienced female clerical workers (average age 37) were assigned for three hours to either a quiet office or one with low-intensity office noise (including speech). The workers in the noisy office experienced significantly higher levels of stress (as measured by urinary epinephrine, a stress hormone), made 40% fewer attempts to solve an unsolvable puzzle, and made only half as many ergonomic adjustments to their workstations, compared to their colleagues in quiet offices”.

The workers did not report feeling higher levels of stress because of the increased noise.  People may be becoming used to feeling stress in their lives and not feeling the effects until high levels accumulate in the body causing physical or emotional symptoms.

One psychologist reported that “even low levels of noise can have a potentially stressful effect”.

It is very important to relieve stress in your life.  The 3 stresses in our lives are chemical, emotional and physical.  If not alleviated from your system, it will start to accumulate and show ill effects on the body.  Some examples of long term stress are posture issues, headaches, pain, numbness, sleep disturbances, irritability.  Making sure you get plenty of exercise, meditation/breath work and eating properly can greatly reduce stress on the body.  Take care of yourself and your body will reward you!