Common reasons for car accidents in redwood city

Getting in a car accident can be not only traumatic but can cause some serious physical injuries, even at a low speed. Whiplash, shoulder problems and back problems are the main issues that occur after an accident.

Here are some of the reasons people are involved in accidents:

1. Becoming distracted while driving:

I once saw a women at a stoplight with her phone on the dash watching a television show while driving. I couldn’t believe it. Texting, dialing, eating or checking yourself out in the mirror are all distractions and can lead to an accident.

2. Driving too fast:

People tend to treat speed limits as the minimum speed and normally go 10 to 30 miles an hour over the speed limit. These postings are on the road for a reason. Kids can be present, animals may run out into the road, wide turns may be coming up etc. If you are speeding, your reaction time is decreased and this can lead to an accident.

3. Intoxication:

Driving after having one too many inhibits your ability to see accurately, brake in time and focus on the road. If you are out drinking, either have a designated driver or call a taxi or Lyft to get home.

4. Reckless or careless driving:

People who are cutting other drivers off, not merging properly, riding too close to someone’s bumper all lead to an accident. In some cases, the reckless driver may not be the one in the accident but may have caused an accident because other people had to move or brake because of their reckless actions. Please be courteous to other drivers and merge properly. It not only helps the flow of traffic but it prevents accidents as well.

5. Rain

Somehow here in Redwood City and the bay area in general, when there is rain, there are more accidents. People tend to keep driving at normal speed and stay close to someone’s back bumper no allowing for the proper braking speed. When they need to brake they slide into the car in front of them. Cars often spin out in rain as well if they are not changing their driving speed with the weather. If someone is driving on the freeway and the speed limit is 65mph, it may be a good idea to drive at 55mph in the right lanes. Better to be safe than sorry.

6. Red light running;

Going through a red light is dangerous and can cause death. When a yellow light hits, most motorists slow down and stop, not speed up. When the light is red, the other light is turning green and they don’t expect you to come through the intersection. Slamming into the drivers side of the car at full speed can kill someone. Leave earlier for appointments so that you are not in a rush and panic when you have to wait through lights. This can save your life or someone else’s.

7. Failure to adhere to a stop sign:

Again, these signs are there for your safety. People are expecting you to stop and will not be prepared for when you do not stop. When approaching a stop sign at an intersection, stop and always look around to make sure people are stopping and then proceed to your destination.

8. Young Teenage Drivers

Teenagers are many times not defensive drivers and do not take the privilege of having a drivers license as seriously as they should. They also do not have the experience that other drivers do and can make careless mistakes.

9. Night Driving:

Driving at night doubles the chances of an accident. Visability is impaired and it is harder to see pedestrians, road lanes and on coming cars. When driving at night, you must be even more alert than driving during sunshine hours.

10. Careless Lane Changes:

There are a lot of times where drivers want to go first and cut off someone merging or if they think someone is not driving fast enough for them. Using a signal is important to give people a heads up that you are changing lanes and make sure noone is in your blind spot when moving over to the next lane.

11. Driving the wrong way:

Anyone that has experienced someone driving the wrong way on the road can understand how dangerous this is. Noone is expecting you to be coming the wrong way and there is no way to get out of your path. This can lead to a head on collision that can cause enormous bodily harm.

12. Road Rage:

Road rage normally results in the angry person tail gating the other driver, speeding to catch up and sometimes blocking the other driver in and slamming on the brakes. This is dangerous and it happens daily. Yes, it sucks when someone cuts you off or almost hits you but in most cases they are not doing this on purpose and harassing them afterward will only lead to more problems. You are safe, noone got hurt so move on and take some deep breaths. It will allow you to handle what happened and move on with your day.

13. Potholes in the road:

Driving over potholes can blow out a tire, have the driver lose control and spin out or have hubcaps fall off the car. Care should be taken when driving over potholes and if you see someone driving over one, be aware that there may be some debris or loss of control.

14. Driving while tired:

There was a study done where they tested intoxicated drivers and tired drivers. It was actually shown that driving while tired had the same if not higher rates of accidents than intoxication. Your concentration is not at its best while tired and there have been times where people have fallen asleep at the wheel.

15. Tire Blowouts:

Tires to blow from time to time and if you are driving a truck or on a freeway it can mean losing some control over the vehicle. Leaving space between you and other vehicles is a good idea and can help you if someone loses a tire or loses control of their vehicle.

16. Foggy weather:

Again keeping a good distance behind the vehicle in front of you and slowing down can really help if there is fog. It can be hard to see the road and other vehicles. Make sure your headlights are on and do not use the high beams.

17. Curves:

Keeping a speed that is not excessive on curves is key. Most people brake on curves but it is best to just keep a slow speed on the turn and keep the wheels tractioning. Braking can lead to skidding which can slide you into oncoming traffic or off the side of the road.

18. Deer or other animals on the road:

Note where animals can be hiding or jumping on the road. There are normally signs in these areas so slow down and keep an eye on the sides of the road once in a while. Most times, animals are on the side of the road waiting to cross so you can slow down and flash your lights to warn other drivers of their presence.

I guess the biggest part of this article is to slow down and don’t be in a rush. This is when most people end up in an accident.

How To Find A Chiropractor in Redwood City, CA

Choosing a chiropractor can be hard especially with all the different types of techniques out there.  There are many misconceptions about chiropractors that have been in the media for years and many people have fears or apprehensions about visiting a chiropractor even when they are so uncomfortable it is hard to bear the pain.

Here are some things to look for when deciding on a chiropractor in Redwood City or any place for that matter.

1. Do they perform treatment on the first visit: Most people seeking chiropractors are in pain and in a lot of cases they have waited until it is unbearable. Of course when coming in there have to be exams performed, questions asked and tests to be done to see what is going on. I am a firm believer in treating patients when they come in. I can’t just let them leave with no treatment and in pain and dis-ease knowing that my treatment would help them greatly. Yes, data needs to be taken but in my office and I do many tests to confirm that treatment is necessary and it is safe.

I also have a machine that pretty much shows me what is going on quickly so I can administer a safe and effective adjustment to the patient and perform any tissue work that may be needed. Again, why have a patient wait and come back tomorrow when they have come in and need help now.

Even if a patient has been in a car accident, I can still work on the tissue and perform cold laser to help with pain.

2. How much time is spent with the doctor: Typically the first appointment is pretty long since the doctor needs to get all information gathered, do testing and answer any questions you may have. After the testing is done, the doctor pretty much ready and knows what to do and can safely administer treatment. After a treatment plan is figured out the doctor doesn’t need to spend another hour with you at each session, they just need to follow up with you and figure out any tweaks that need to be done as far as exercises, posture and lifestyle adjustments. They also need to check in and see how things are progressing with you.

Note: every time you see a chiropractor they are examining the spine when they are touching you. There is a “mini” exam each time you come in.

Chiropractors know how the body is supposed to look, feel and function. We are experts at this and it doesn’t take us long to figure things out. 5 to 15 minute treatment times are enough to find out what is going on, feel the spine, administer treatment along with any soft tissue concerns.

Often times patients qualify the time spent with the doctor in calculating the price. This is not always the case. There are some doctors that have quick analysis and have been working with patients a long time while others will spend time hooked up to a machine or on a massager. Modalities do have you in the office longer but treatment time with the doctor is usually 5-15 minutes just like a medical doctor.

I take a “hands on” approach with care and if there is anything to do with you personally, I am in the room with you the whole time and answer any questions you would like addressed at that time. I want to make sure you are taken care of and have all of your needs met.

3. Once you go to a chiropractor you have to go for the rest of your life:
Your health is up to you. Your brain and spinal cord run and coordinate everything in your body and in my opinion, it is critical and important to keep them working efficiently even in the absence of pain. As you know, you always FEEL great until you don’t. You don’t always know what is lingering until a symptom occurs. Well, keeping your body functioning well will keep you healthy and prevent a lot of sickness and discomfort from ailing you.

If there is a time where you have symptoms and are unconfortable, just like dieting, exercising, learning a new hobby it all takes time. Changing or maintaining optimal lifestyle patterns really determine how well your body functions. If you have very little emotional stress in your life, eat healthy and don’t have athletic injuries or repetitive movements you will need care less.

If you have higher levels of stress it will probably require more visits to keep your body functioning well. With this said, the choice is up to you if you want to continue with care. Most patients that do continue understand that it is beneficial for their health and are determined to stay as healthy as possible However, it is your health and your decision.

4. Are x-rays necessary?: Sometimes. Here are some examples of when an x-ray is necessary:

A. Significant traumatic injury (especially if over 50 years old)
B. If patient has had pain for long extended periods of time that has NOT responded to care. This is to rule out any pathologies that may be there that need to be addressed.

Note: many chiropractors do not have an x-ray machine in the office. We do not have one at our facility but will refer you out to a radiologist who can perform your xray and create a report for viewing.

5. Do I just go in for care or do I have a plan like when you go to a physical therapist?
Well, at our facility we give exercises, talk about ergonomics, nutrition and lifestyle changes. You have your homework and a lot of the exercises are similar to Physical Therapists. If you do decide you want to see one, we can work together. We will keep you aligned and functioning properly to get the most out of your physical therapy. Your muscles and bones are attached and need to work properly to get the most out of your exercises.

6. What other work is performed as part of my chiropractic treatment? 
There are many forms of treatment out there but we like to think that our method gets fast results because we work on the joints, soft tissue and nerves. We perform an adjustment to the joints (this can be spinal or extremities) and work on soft tissue with our SASTM tools (A Graston Technique) if it is necessary during your visit. If there is pain or inflammation, Cold Laser is used to provide some relief so you can move and function as pain free as possible.

We cover the whole body at our office and want to make sure you feel happy and satisfied.  We would love to be the place you call first, before surgery or taking medications that can have ill effects on the body and have side effects. Start with us first, if it doesn’t work for you, the other options will always be there.

What is the Impact of High Tech Companies in Redwood City, CA?

Redwood City has grown leaps and bounds since the beginning of the recession.  When I opened my practice in 2010, downtown was called “Deadwood City” and my space was actually vacant for so long that PG&E couldn’t estimate what the past years bills were when I asked.  In July of 2010, the city approved what now is called the “Precise Plan” to help get spaces rented that have been vacant.  This meant that ground floors could be opened up for office spaces which was great for me since I fell into that category.  I was excited to be downtown and loved the old town feel of things.  Though I am an considered an office, I see my business as a sort of retail because I do sell merchandise and help out other local businesses by having several people coming in and out each day and do recommend restaurants and other retailer to my patients.  High Tech companies unfortunately do not have customers going in and out and they take up the majority of parking spaces in the hard to park city because a high volume of people are not taking Caltrain and driving their cars to work.

Why do High Tech companies have to be on the ground floor?  It makes no sense to me.  There is more privacy upstairs and you still have access to the Caltrain and other amenities the city has worked hard to put together.  Don’t get me wrong, these companies have brought life to downtown but they have also changed the vibe.  In past years, family has always been the key point of Redwood City with free music, movies and festivals.  Now, families refrain from going downtown because there is no parking and it is becoming too expensive.

If you notice, vacancies are beginning to happen again and the reason for this is because the city allows building owners to charge more to office space rentals. Members of Redwood City thought that if rents increased too much, High Tech companies would be detered.  Right now in September of 2015, rent is $5.00 a square foot.  The effects of this didn’t effect High Tech but small business owners.  I don’t know about you but I don’t think small business owners or retail can afford that type of rent.  Building owners are now not renewing leases, putting people on month to month. These are people who have rented for over 30 years!  This is so property owners can charge enormous rates and the only people who can afford them are start ups.  On Main Street, there is only one retail office (Ralph’s Vacuum).  All of the other places are either High Tech, restaurants, or Salons.  Most business owners that I know are either hopping in on other businesses and sharing rents or moving out of the area all together.  I like High Techs and I get a lot of patients from them however, with the decrease of parking spaces and hustle and bustle of downtown, some of my other patients are frustrated with how long it takes to get to see me.

For those of you who love the way Redwood City is now, just know that there is a price to pay for all of this and it is the momma poppa stores that gave Redwood City its flare.

Top 4 Redwood City Dog Parks

1. Shore Dogs Park in Redwood Shores is a bit of a drive from 101 but it is totally enclosed and separates large dogs from small dogs since a lot of small dog owners are not comfortable with their dog playing with a larger breed.  The smaller dog park is much smaller but it does have lots of grass and a large tree for shade on hot days. The address is 1393 Radio Road.

2. Don’t know if you are aware but Redwood City has a new dog park located on Main Street in Redwood City.  It is an agility park with dirt so don’t expect a lot of grass.  If you have high energy dogs and know how to train them to run and do tricks, this is a great free park in which to do so!  The address is 1295 Main Street.

3. Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve on Edmonds Road in Redwood City is a primarily off lease reserve that is very large and has hiking trails.  There are mountain lion sightings so if you are apprehensive about that you may want to take your dogs to another park.  Your dogs will love it because they can run off leash and there is tons of land.  Only draw back is that if your dog does poop, there is no trash can or disposal area anywhere on the site.

4. Stulsaft Park located at 3700 Farm Hill Boulevard is a cute little park with several trails for the dogs.  It has a playground for the kids and you can let your dog off leash after you are away from where kids can play.  There is a cute little stream to walk past and even a swing over the stream to get you passed the water.  Careful though, there have been snakes in the area so make sure you stay on the trails.

Also, just a town over in San Carlos, there is a new dog park on the corner of San Carlos Avenue and Elm (basically City Hall).  The address is 1401 San Carlos Avenue.  The lot is about 1.3 acres and the city has invested quite a bit of money on this site so because the official dog park in San Carlos (Heather), is less than desirable for taking dogs.  Not a bad park but I did notice the the fence is not close to the ground so little stubborn dogs could crawl under so be watchful.  Opening day was held Monday, September 14, 2015.

My dogs love these parks and it is so much better than walking them on city streets.  Hope this is helpful to you for finding fun and safe places for your dogs.  Happy dog walking!

Redwood City Statistics

Redwood City is considered the peninsula and was originally inhabited by the Ohlone people who used the ports for lumber and selling of other goods.  It is only 25 miles away from San Francisco and 27 minutes away from San Jose (both estimations are without traffic of course).  It is around 19 square miles wide and is 15 feet above sea level.

What is great about this city is not only the weather but how easily accessible it is to get to no matter where you are in the bay area.  If driving, Highway 101 and 280 are easy to get to and extend from the San Francisco shoreline to the Santa Cruz mountains.

If you don’t drive, Caltrain has a stop in the heart of downtown and runs frequently.  SamTrans has several routes that go through downtown Redwood City and have flexible schedules.

Here are some statistics about Redwood City:

* It was incorporated in 1867

* Average high temperature ranges from 58 to 84 degrees Faranheit

* Average low temperatures range from 38 to 54 degrees Faranheit

* Median Age: 35.5

* Median Income: 77,561

* Population: 76,815

* Median persons per household: 3.26

* Education: Bachelors degree or higher: 42,7% (+/-3.5%)

* Average house median: $764, 500

* Number of housing units: 29,167

These statistics are according to the 2010 US Census, 2011 American Community Survey and Zillow (November 2012)



The Reasons People Choose Chiropractic

The most common reason why people chose to visit a chiropractor is because of pain or discomfort in the musculoskeletal system. Whiplash, sports injuries, headaches, neck pain and low back pain are common reasons why people come to see me in my office. However bad habits are often overlooked as a cause of some of these complaints.

One thing that people have difficulty understanding is how repetitive injuries, long term emotional stress and bad posture can cause long term problems. Sitting long hours, accumulating emotional stress, typing without proper breaks, sleeping/standing/sitting improperly can cause severe long term problems that may take time to correct. Often times people become impatient and want a quick fix. Long term problems don’t just “go away”. Like everything in life, getting well and staying well is hard work. It takes time to get your body to function properly.

So, how long does it take for me to feel better?

People often want a time estimate for their healing. Since we are all unique, every patient responds differently with care. Your body dictates the rate of healing and function. It is not uncommon for someone with and injury to feel better even though the problem is not completely healed. This is why we always check on your progress and perform re-exams. We want to track your healing process and get the fastest results we can to keep you feeling great. A good chiropractor will always compare past visits to see how you progress in care. We want you to reach your goals and keep you feeling healthy and functioning at your highest capacity.

When we work together as a team, we get great results! Our Redwood City Office is ready to help you reach all of your health goals.

We Are In Downtown Redwood City!

We are conveniently in the heart of downtown where there is an event almost every night.  Our new location is just one block from the downtown courthouse and just blocks from Caltrain and local bus stations.  Come on in, relax and we will release accumulated stress from your body so you can feel relaxed and ready for some entertainment.  Here is a list of some of the events happening downtown!

Thursdays: Movie night.  June through September.  Shows start at sundown (approximately 8:45pm).  Come early for the best seats (a limited number of chairs and tables are available).   Feel free to bring your blankets and chairs. Pick up take-out food from the nearby restaurants and watch selected movies on the outdoor 25 foot screen.

Friday: Music. May through October.  Enjoy rock, blues, Celtic, swing, salsa, country, jazz and more.  You may bring your own food but Redwood City does not allow you to save a spot until 3:00pm so if you have chairs to put in place, you can not do so until 3pm. Dance the evening away listening to your favorite tunes!  This is highly attended and the music is outstanding.

Saturday: Farmers Market from 8:00am to Noon.  Located at Broadway at Marshall street right next to Caltrain.  This market has tons of local farmers with fresh organic produce.

You can’t find a better place to enjoy a a day or night out with family and friends.

Bed Wetting In Adults And Children

Bed wetting is sometimes called ” nocturnal enuresis”.  It can be embarrassing and a nuisance.  Lets talk about how chiropractic can help with this problem without drugs or surgery.

First lets find out how bed wetting occurs. If you have seen a doctor and it has been proven that the occurrences are not because of emotional stress than it is a physical problem.  Drinking less water before bed is recommended but in many cases, this isn’t enough. One treatment people rarely think of with this problem is chiropractic.

So what do our nerves have to do with this problem?

We have a reflex in our body that keeps our smooth muscles preventing ourselves from urinating in our sleep to stay contracted. It is called a phrenic reflex. If is not working properly the smooth muscles relax and release any fluid inside the bladder is released causing you or your child to wet the bed.

So what can a chiropractor do about the reflex?

Often times the reflex is just obstructed by a vertebral misalignment known as subluxation. A subluxation means the bone is out of place causing the nerves around the area to become dysfunctional. So, if the nerves affecting the phrenic reflex are not working properly because of being impaired, we need to get the bone and nerve back to where they need to be in order for the body to function properly.

We allow the bone to move back into the joint and the body can now function the way it should.

Does this Really Work?

Yes it does! Check out these study results:

1. The Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, examined 171 children who had bed wetting every single night. Chiropractic care was administered to each child.

After receiving treatment, the average “wet” nights for the entire group decreased from 7 to 4 nights per week. Also, 25% had a 50 percent reduction in bed-wetting nights. 15% had no more occurrences after treatment.

2. A control group of 46 bed-wetting children. Some were not treated with chiropractic care and others were. 31 children receiving treatment showed an almost 18% reduction in wet nights, the untreated group showed no improvement at all.

So while we may not always completely alleviate the problem, we can help decrease the amount of bed-wetting significantly.

Keeping your nervous system working properly helps with bed wetting and a many more bodily functions that may creep up.  Call us at our Redwood City location to learn more.

Physical Therapy Or Chiropractic?

When someone is injured in a car accident, injured at work or during an athletic event rehabilitation is necessary.  In most cases when this happens, they usually see a medical doctor.  During their visit they are often referred to a physical therapist for exercises.  Physical Therapy is a great way to condition your muscles and body after an injury but making sure the body is moving and aligned correctly so exercises can work at its capacity is key for faster healing. Lets look at how chiropractic can help facilitate health and help with injuries.

As a chiropractor, I offer soft tissue relief and rehabilitation, exercises, physiotherapy and musculo-skeletal relief.   Combining several techniques and formats help with quicker results.

At my office, I offer a long term solution to get you healthy and functioning at your highest level.  After your pain has subsided and your bones and tissues are stabilized, you will begin an exercise program that will keep you healthy.  You just have to stick to it!

Give us a call if you have had an auto injury, hurt yourself during a sporting event or have any physical complaint. We can give you a consultation right over the phone to see if it would be beneficial for you to come in for treatment or visit another facilitator.

San Carlos Environmental Action Plan

The City of San Carlos California has adopted a Climate Action Plan

On October 12, 2009, the City Council adopted the City’s first Climate Action Plan (CAP). The City of San Carlos took a proactive approach by developing a Climate Action Plan in parallel with the 2030 General Plan. The CAP is linked to the 2030 General Plan by a set of principles and this unique approach was recently recognized by the local chapter of the American Planning Association through an Innovation in Green Community Planning Award.

The CAP identifies and analyzes 23 measures that will enable San Carlos to attain its reduction goal in the areas of energy use, transportation and land use, and solid waste reduction between now and 2030. Also included in this Plan is a section on potential adaptation strategies that may be necessary as the climate changes and sea levels rise.

Additionally, the CAP includes a discussion of the outcomes of adopted reduction efforts and how these efforts are intended to be implemented, including the timing and phasing of the measures. These measures will enable San Carlos to achieve its greenhouse gas emission reduction targets of a 15% reduction by 2020 and a 35% reduction by 2035, compared to 2005 levels.

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