Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Issues?

TMJ can be very painful.  It can lead to headaches, vision problems, neck pain, earaches, the inability to chew properly and much more.

The Cartilage that is above your mandible can move forward or be pushed up behind the joint.  This will either make it impossible for you to put your teeth together or chew evenly on both sides.  You may sometimes hear cracking and experience pain when chewing, talking or moving your mouth.

How can I help you with this problem?

I have taken specialized training in TMJ to move the disk to the proper place above your jaw so that it moves properly without pain or dysfunction.  There is no need for  surgery, x-rays or medication, just a gentle adjustment which will alleviate your symptoms.

Why go through unnecessary procedures when a specialized exam can be performed and find out how your TMJ is working.

If you have this problem, please contact us today for an exam, we can help!