The Benefits Of Massage And Chiropractic Used Together

Massage therapy has begun to be widely used as a complimentary therapy in the health industry. This is because studies are now showing how important joint mobilization is for injury recovery. 

Any massage therapist will tell you that when they are performing a massage, they want to relax the muscles and get the joints to move more freely and loosen. Inflexible muscles limit function and lead to discomfort. With this in mind, there must be emphasis on how tight musculature leads to tight joint capsules. The capsule serves as a articular surface to stabilize the joint by limiting movement and providing stability. If getting a massage loosens and starts to get the joint mobilized, tight joint capsules will begin to decrease mobilization of the joint again putting you back where you started.

This is why you get a massage and feel “great” for a while but then in a few hours, days or weeks, discomfort comes back again. I always recommend getting both massage therapy and chiropractic together because it is highly beneficial. Chiropractic gets the joints moving and lessens the stress on the capsule. Getting the joints moving properly allows massage work to become even more beneficial. It is a wonderful combination!

Here are some of the benefits of massage therapy:
1. Improves your circulation: Blood is basically nutrition for your muscles and body. Blood carries nutrients for the body and most importantly oxygen which helps rejuvenate the body and helps rebuild muscle tissue
2. Improved range of motion
3. Helps recovery time after an injury and between workouts. Increased blood circulation helps get rid of lactic acid buildup leading to better muscle function.
4. Influences the excretion of nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur that are all necessary for tissue repair. We here at Precise Moves Chiropractic are a health facility and understand the body fully. We have a relaxing atmosphere and it does look “spa-like” but our massage therapists are highly trained and are guided by our doctor. We give the treatments you need to get the results desired.