Top 4 Redwood City Dog Parks

1. Shore Dogs Park in Redwood Shores is a bit of a drive from 101 but it is totally enclosed and separates large dogs from small dogs since a lot of small dog owners are not comfortable with their dog playing with a larger breed.  The smaller dog park is much smaller but it does have lots of grass and a large tree for shade on hot days. The address is 1393 Radio Road.

2. Don”t know if you are aware but Redwood City has a new dog park located on Main Street in Redwood City.  It is an agility park with dirt so don’t expect a lot of grass.  If you have high energy dogs and know how to train them to run and do tricks, this is a great free park in which to do so!  The address is 1295 Main Street.

3. Pulgas Ridge Open Space Preserve on Edmonds Road in Redwood City is a primarily off lease reserve that is very large and has hiking trails.  There are mountain lion sightings so if you are apprehensive about that you may want to take your dogs to another park.  Your dogs will love it because they can run off leash and there is tons of land.  Only draw back is that if your dog does poop, there is no trash can or disposal area anywhere on the site.

4. Stulsaft Park located at 3700 Farm Hill Boulevard is a cute little park with several trails for the dogs.  It has a playground for the kids and you can let your dog off leash after you are away from where kids can play.  There is a cute little stream to walk past and even a swing over the stream to get you passed the water.  Careful though, there have been snakes in the area so make sure you stay on the trails.

Also, just a town over in San Carlos, there is a new dog park on the corner of San Carlos Avenue and Elm (basically City Hall).  The address is 1401 San Carlos Avenue.  The lot is about 1.3 acres and the city has invested quite a bit of money on this site so because the official dog park in San Carlos (Heather), is less than desirable for taking dogs.  Not a bad park but I did notice the the fence is not close to the ground so little stubborn dogs could crawl under so be watchful.  Opening day was held Monday, September 14, 2015.

My dogs love these parks and it is so much better than walking them on city streets.  Hope this is helpful to you for finding fun and safe places for your dogs.  Happy dog walking!