When Is It Good To Get An Attorney After A Car Accident?

Not only is car repair expensive but so are medical claims.  The more insurance companies involved, the more complicated the process becomes. If you’re in a situation where multiple car insurance companies are involved or your injuries will only be covered by a third party (the other person’s insurance) working with your health insurance to cover very expensive medical care, you may want to get the assistance of an attorney.  Often times third party insurance companies tell you that car repair and medical expenses will be paid by them easily, but in the end, they won’t pay medical professionals and those professionals then expect payment from you.

When you are hurting from an accident, the last thing you want to do is negotiate with an insurance that doesn’t insure you…they insure the person who hit you.  Better to focus on getting better and let someone else deal with the stress of payments.

An attorney will be able to help negotiate a higher settlement for you and explain the process in terms that you will understand. A good attorney will be invaluable in helping you settle a claim. Be aware, however, that once you hire an attorney, your ability to communicate with the insurance companies will be limited.