17 Tips For Losing Weight: Follow These Rules And See Results!

Weight loss is hard but knowing some easy steps can make it easier for you to lose weight and keep it off!
Here are some tips:

1. Protein: We need protein for digestion and metabolism. There are a lot of nutrients in protein that your body needs and if the body is depleted of them it will start to store fat. Also, eating protein will make you feel satisfied and reduce your appetite. Eggs are great if you do not have an allergy to them.

2. Eat organic, real whole foods: Eating something that has been processed takes out the necessary nutrients from the food and of course this has an effect on the body being able to process the natural ingredients needed to run efficiently.

3. Avoid Process foods: Processed foods were mentioned above but should be mentioned again because it is so important. They are full of sugar, added fats and calories. Processed foods have been tested in labs and have additives to make you crave the food more and eat more of it.

4. Your body doesn’t know how to process most of the added preservatives and it is not satiated leading to cravings because the body is craving the nutrients it is deficient in. Keep healthy foods and snacks around the house. This makes it easy to grab something healthy and go instead of something processed and unhealthy.

5. Keep processed sugar out of the diet: Processed sugar has been shown to increase blood pressure, cholesterol, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, digestive issues.

Studies have shown that an average U.S. person will ingest 15 teaspoons of added sugar a day. Sugar is added to foods you don’t even think about. When purchasing your food, look at the ingredients, sugar will probably be one of them.

According to SugarScience.com, sugar is added to 74% of all processed foods. There are 61 different names that are actually sugar that are used to trick us when we buy our food (I will send a separate blog on that later).

6. Drink lots of water: Drinking water before meals will lead to reduced calorie intake and drinking at least 17oz of water per day will burn 24% to 30% more calories per hour. Add a lemon and it will keep your PH levels more alkaline which is good for preventing disease.

7. Avoid drinking processed drinks: soda, fruit juices, chocolate milk and most energy drinks have a lot of sugar added. Obesity rates have risen based on people drinking these processed liquids. One study has shown a 60% increase in the risk of obesity with kids when they drink at least one serving of a processed beverage.

8. Decrease your “bad Carbs”: Carbs are basically anything that is not a protein. Good carbs are fruits and veggies while “bad carbs” are flour, rice, pastries, sweets, pasta, cereals or anything with added sugar.

9. Drink unsweetened decaffeinated green tea. Green tea helps burn fat and have been shown to have health benefits.

10. Keep a food diary: There are several food diaries online and there are paper diaries as well. Keeping track of what you eat really makes you aware of what you are putting in your mouth. It will motivate you to stay on track with eating properly as well as let you know what foods you may be eating frequently that you should cut back on.

11. Use smaller plates: Using a smaller plate will keep your portions down. People like to fill their plates. Using a smaller one will help keep your calories down.

12. Eat slowly: Eating fast prevents your body from realizing you are full as quickly as it should. Eating and chewing more slowly helps you intake less food and has been shown to increase the hormones that are responsible for losing weight. It allows you to realize that your body is full and gives you the signal to stop eating.

13.Use Coconut Oil: Cooking with coconut oil has been shown to boost your metabolism and can reduce belly fat.

14. Probiotics: These have bacteria that improve digestive health, help the heart and may even help with losing some extra pounds.

15.Get proper Sleep: You digest food and heal when you sleep. Studies have shown the people who do not get a proper nights sleep are up to 55% more likely to gain weight. Obesity rates are increased. This is hard to believe but kids have an even higher percentage than adults for obesity.

Not getting proper sleep can effect your hormones which leads to loss of appetite and slows down body metabolism.

16. Exercise:

A. Cardio is key for weight loss. Jogging, running, cycling, brisk walking or hiking all burn calories and improve mental and physical health.

B. Resistance training helps when muscle mass may be decreased while dieting. Weights will help gain more muscle mass.

17. Change your lifestyle don’t just diet: People who just “diet” don’t keep up healthy habits and go back to doing what made them gain weight in the first place. You made such progress, why throw it all away and have to go back to a strict diet again when all you have to do is maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat foods because they make you feel better, exercise because that also makes you feel better!

Don’t just lose weight, change your lifestyle and gain a a happy, healthy life!