3 Ways Transport Dogs Safely in Pickup Trucks

I often see dogs in the back of trucks without any tethering or with a leash on.  This is very dangerous and irresponsible thing for a dog owner to do   Dogs without a restraint can easily fly out of the back of the truck not to mention, it is hard for the dog to stand or sit.  Having a leash attached to the inside the back of a truck can choke the dog.  I often get very frustrated at seeing this.  I am hoping the owner doesn’t know because otherwise this would be abuse in my opinion.

Transporting your dog  without a tether is a huge risk to the dog and to other motorists.  Hitting a bump in the road, turning quickly can have the dog ejected from the back of the truck and into traffic.  The dog can be run over leading to fractures, bruises and even death.  Letting your dog ride unsecured in the back of a pickup truck is not only unsafe and potentially deadly for dogs, it’s illegal in most states. California is one of the states where it is illegal, yet I see people almost daily with dogs in the back of their trucks sliding around on each turn.  I have to my knowledge never seen a police officer pull over the driver.   Even if not illegal in your state, responsible pet owners should keep their dogs safe.  Dogs provide so much love and affection for their owners, don’t you think it is the right thing to do by your dog?

If you didn’t know, here are some safe suggestions for your dog.

1. Buy a topper for the truck bed so your dog can ride in an enclosed area, protected from the road and wind hazards.  This is deemed the safest option.

2. A sturdy dog crate like the ones that the airports require.  This crate needs to be securely tied down to prevent it from sliding around the truck floor or falling out.

3. Cross tethering. These are sold at most pet stores.  Important to know that the leash should not be too long or you are defeating the purpose of the tethering as the dog can fall out of the truck.

These tethers are designed specifically for restraining dogs safely. A properly installed cross tether secures the animal to the truck in such a way that it can’t go over the bed or choke itself. The best tether to get is one that is padded to keep the dog comfortable.  Your dog will not choke with this tether and will feel more secure in the back of the truck.

Please be responsible and if you don’t have a proper way of transporting your dog in your truck.  Leave your dog safely home where they are safe!