Burner Stinger Is More Common Than You Think!

This injury is most common with football players but it can happen with anyone who falls onto their shoulder pushing their head to the opposite side of their body.  It can also occur when people stretch their neck muscles and nerves beyond their capacity.  Symptoms of burning or stinging pain in the shoulder or neck occurs.  It is often followed by pain which may radiate down to the arm or hand.  Numbness and weakness of the shoulder or arm may happen immediately or over time.

Treatment begins with icing the injury if there is edema and muscle therapy is begun after the swelling is down.  Low force chiropractic adjustments are greatly helpful and Sound Assisted Soft Tissue Therapy (S.A.S.T.M.) can improve movement of the neck and decrease the affects of scar tissue after the injury.

It is important to start rehabilitation quickly in order to keep motion in the neck and prevent stiffness which will make for a slower recovery.   Exercise programs to improve strength and flexibility are administered once the body is stable.

At Precise Moves Chiropractic in Redwood City, we are very successful with burner stinger syndrome and numerous sports injuries.  If you have hurt yourself, have limited motion or are not functioning at the level you would like, give us a call…we can help!