Redwood City Events May 1 to May 6, 2017

Redwood CityEvents:

Mon, May 1
9:00 AM

Tue, May 2
7:15 PM
The Denny Berthiaume Trio with Special Guests Cheryl Barnes

Wed, May 3
7:00 PM
The Funky Godfather – a tribute to James Brown on his birthday!
Club Fox

Wed, May 3
7:00 PM
Piano Night with Rick Ferguson Guest Vocalist Le Perez

Thu, May 4
8:00 PM
The Chris Bigford Band
Club Fox

Thu, May 4
7:30 PM
Pamela Rose And Her Swinging Band

Fri, May 5
10:30 PM
Julio Bravo y su Orquesta Salsabor
Club Fox

Sat, May 6
8:00 PM
Rúckatan Latin Tribe with Special Guest – Camino
Club Fox

Redwood City Weekend Events March 17-19

Here are some events that can kick off your weekend.  These are happening in Redwood City and the Peninsula:

Thursday March 16, 2017:

  • All You Can Jump: Sky High Sports (5am whew!)
  • Alex Edelmen: Rooster T Feathers Comedy Club in Sunnyvale:

Friday, March 17, 2017:  Happy St. Patricks Day!

  • The producers: 6pm at the Fox Theatre
  • St. Patrick’s Day Show with The Claddah: 9pm Old Princeton Landing: Public House and Grill (El Granada)
  • Tommy Castro: Smoking Pig BBQ, Fremont 9pm:
  • St. Patrick’s Day Pub Crawl at The Patio in Palo Alto

Saturday, March 18, 2017:

  • Molly’s Revenge in Pacifica, CA 7:30pm:

Does Watching Violent Television And Playing Violent Games Lead To Violent Behavior?

There has been talk and debate since television was invented about whether watching violence or playing violent games leads to violent behavior in the people who watch them, especially children.  In the 70s, Albert Bandura a psychologist specializing in social learning conducted research studying violence and the tendency of children to imitate what they see.

“Consistently disturbing” findings about the violent content of children’s programs has been debated for some time now so the Surgeon General’s Scientific Advisory Committee on Television and Social Behavior was formed in 1969 to find out what emotional and behavioral impact it has on its viewers.

This is what was found when studying behavior after watching violent shows.  In a report in 1982 by the National Institute of Mental Health, watching these shows led to the following conclusions:

A. Kids less sensitive to others with pain and suffering.

B. More fearful of their surroundings.

C. More Aggressive behavior toward others.

Research performed by L. Rowell Huesmann, Leonard Eron and others in the psychological sciences in the 80s found that kids aged 4-11 who watched many hours of violence on television showed increased aggressive behavior during their teenage years.

Huesmann and Eron also studied 8 year olds who watched increased amounts of television violence had a higher chance of being arrested for criminal acts upon becoming an adult.

This is not the only factor for increased aggression and its correlation with television. After Huesmann and Eron’s research, psychologists Douglas Gentile and Brad Bushman and other psychologists suggested that watching violence in the media also contributes to more aggression and can lead to desensitizing the watcher.

Video games can also increase violent behavior.  Did you know that 97% of kids ages 12-17 play video games.   Research in 2008 found that 50% of all teens reported playing video games did so for an hour or more each day.

One popular game is called Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto.  These are violent games and though there are fewer studies of video game violence than there are for television and media the results did show negative effects regarding exposure to violence in video games.

A 2010 review by psychologist Craig A. Anderson and others concluded that “the evidence strongly suggests that exposure to violent video games is a causal risk factor for increased aggressive behavior, aggressive cognition, and aggressive affect and for decreased empathy and prosocial behavior.”

Anderson’s research revealed that engaging in violent video games increases aggressive thoughts, feelings and behavior but there have been others that have stated that children that are show violent tendencies will be more apt to choose more violent game content.  With this being a controversial subject,  the American Psychological Association launched an analysis in 2013 of peer-reviewed research on the impact of media violence and is reviewing its policy statements in the area.

In my personal opinion, it seems like when exposing people to violence on a daily basis, it becomes more “normal” and will desensitize people into thinking the behavior is normal.  Just my opinion, but it would be nice if the gaming community would focus more on fun, interactive games that bring people together, not drag people apart.

Pokémon Go Safety Tips

For those of you have been living in a cave….Pokémon  Go is the new fad and it can be dangerous for people too involved in the game.

There have been at least 10 million downloads since the game was released and there is a big chance that your kid is already playing Pokémon Go.

So what is it?

Pokémon Go is a location-based augmented reality game, which basically takes google maps and adds tiny cartoon characters behind trees, on the ground etc.  So, if you see people walking around with eyes glued to the phone and swiping it constantly, then they are probably playing the game.  Bad thing about this game is that people are getting hurt by falling (two people fell off a cliff while playing), getting robbed and trespassing and playing while driving.

Before engaging in this game,  have a talk about safe ways of playing.  Here are a few tips for safe playing:

1. Watch where you’re going.

Don’t walk alone at night unaware of your surroundings.  People have been robbed, fallen off of cliffs, run into trees.    Look around once in a while and play with other friends especially at night.

2. Don’t break the law.

The law still applies when you’re playing this game so while hunting for these little monsters, understand that there boundaries that can’t be passed.  This means , no jumping over fences, roaming through parks or other areas after closing times, and no wandering around in your neighbors’ backyards.  People have been shot at for trespassing, they don’t know you are playing a game and think you may be trying to do something illegal on their property.

Above all, don’t drive while playing Pokémon Go!

Californians Are Leaving The State!

California residents are opting to move out of state due to the high amount of rents, housing prices and the drought.  Most former Californians are moving to Texas.

The Washington Times reports:

 “About 5 million Californians departed the Golden State between 2004 and 2013, while 3.9 million arrived from other states for a net population loss of roughly 1.1 million, the Sacramento Bee reported Monday using tax-return data from the Internal Revenue Service.

“Nearly 600,000 Californians wound up in Texas, while about 348,000 Texans moved to California. The other top net recipients of Californians were Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, the analysis found.

“Even so, California has seen its population increase slightly from 37 million in 2010 to nearly 39 million, thanks largely to an influx of foreign-born immigrants.”  It seems the people who can afford to live here are either natives with houses already purchased with low mortgage payments, people who live here with rent control or high tech employees.  Either way, california, especially the Bay Area has lost a lot of its charm with high diversity levels and community feel.

Here is a graph showing the locations that people are beginning to migrate to from California:  It is a little blurry, but hopefully you can read it.

What Is The Difference Between A Co-Pay And A Deductible?

I get a lot of patients coming in for care and they are confused about what a deductible and a co-pay are.  Here is a bit of a breakdown to help anyone understand the difference.

What is a CO-PAY?

A co-payment, or co-pay, is a flat amount paid for each visit to a doctor’s office or portion you pay for medication.   This is paid when you are seen and receive treatment, an exam or have a consultation.

Every health insurance company has different co-pays depending on the plan.  Most of the time they are printed on your insurance card.  There can be different co-pays for each profession you go to, for example, a Chiropractor is a “Specialist” and have a certain co-pay specifically for them.  A dentist may have another amount along with a Physical Therapist.  It all depends on your plan.  In addition to cutting a small portion of the costs by having you pay a portion for each visit, having a co-pay will also prevent people from seeking care for problems they consider trivial just to get the most out of the insured’s dollar or seek care for something a bandaid would be used for.

However, while the co-pay does lower costs for the insurance companies, by making people more mindful about when it is necessary to go to the doctor, It may also prevent people from getting medical attention when they may need it. For example, it can be costly for a person that has a long term problem and needs to see several doctors in a week for it or see one doctor several times a week or a month, if they have a $25.00 co-pay each time and can’t afford it, they may choose to see what happens and then the condition may worsen making it necessary for invasive treatments, x-rays, MRI or other necessary tests that can cost thousands of dollars.


A deductible is a fixed amount of money you have to pay before your co-pay kicks in and your full policy benefits can be utilized.

The amount of a deductible is normally calculated on a yearly basis and most policies restart in January and the deductible is then back up to its full amount.   Before you meet the allotted amount of your deductible, you have to pay the full price of the doctor bill.  Once you meet your deductible, then the co-pay is all you need to pay.  There are individual deductibles for single policy holders and family deductibles for families and both differ in price.

Normally, if your plan has a high deductible, it has a lower monthly cost.  So, just know that if something happens and you need care, it will be pricey.  If you are normally healthy and don’t see a doctor often this may be a plan you want to take your chances with.  However, if you are someone who is sick often, has a large family, or like to see a doctor more than the average person, you may want to get a lower deductible plan and pay a bit more each month for insurance.

A deductible is also considered an what is called an “out of pocket” expense and can work toward working this off.  In general, an out-of-pocket expense maximum is the amount you need to meet for paying for your doctor’s appointments before they will pay 100 percent of your health expenses. Normally, your deductible and coinsurance can be applied toward this maximum amount. Your co-payments or monthly insurance premiums are not included in “out of pocket” expenses.

What Does Co-Insurance Mean?

Coinsurance is used in several different types of insurance and is different depending on the type of insurance you choose. The way it works is basically instead of having a “set” amount to pay each time you see a doctor (after your deductible is paid), you instead pay a percentage for each visit.  This can be as little as 10% to 80%.  Then the insurance company pays a the remaining percentage to the healthcare provider.

Hope this helps!

10 Different Ideas To Conserve Water during a drought

In response to the drought, San Carlos, Redwood City and Menlo Park residents, as well as all other Californians, have been asked to voluntarily reduce water use by 20%.

Most water use occurs outdoors. Try the following:

1.      Water less frequently and set sprinklers to turn on before 6 a.m. or after 6 p.m. to reduce evaporation.
2.      Make sure sprinkler heads are directed on the lawn and garden.
3.      Use mulch or ground cover to help trees and shrubs use less water.
4.      Choose drought tolerant and/or native plants whenever possible.  (San Carlos is in Climate Zones 9 and 10.)
5.      Rather than washing your car at home, take it to a car wash that recycles the water. If you do wash your car at home: use a small bucket,

Develop water-wise habits by employing the following practices:

1.      Run only full loads in the dishwasher and use shorter wash cycles.

2.      Wash only full loads in the washing machine.  Use cold-water settings and shorter cycles.

3.      Fix leaky toilets.

4.      Turn off the water while brushing your teeth.

5.      Shorten your showers by two minutes.

Free water conservation kits are available for San Carlos residents who are current Cal Water customers. To receive your kit, visit Limit of one kit per household per year, while supplies last.

Cal Water is currently offering rebates on qualified water-efficient appliances (high-efficiency clothes washing machines and high-efficiency toilets) through partnerships with the Bay Area Water Supply & Conservation Agency (BAWSCA) and Pacific Gas & Electric Company (PG&E).  Rebates are available until funds are depleted.  Please contact a Cal Water/BAWSCA water conservation specialist at (408) 367-8369 with questions.

Can Dogs Smell Sickness?

I recently read an article entitled: Training Dogs to Sniff Out Cancer in the NY Times.

This article states that in Philidelphia a springer spaniel works at the Veteran Center and is being trained to find differences in different types of blood plasma.  His nose skims 12 tiny arms that protrude from the edges of a table-size wheel, each holding samples of blood plasma, where only one of which is spiked with a drop of cancerous tissue. He does so and he gets a treat!

This dog is named McBaine.  He is one of four highly trained cancer detection dogs at the center, which trains purebreds to put their superior sense of smell to work in search of the early signs of cancer.

Since 2004, research has been suggesting that dogs may be able to smell the subtle chemical differences between healthy and cancerous tissue.

Dogs have already been trained to respond to diabetic emergencies or alert passers-by if an owner is about to have a seizure.

A study presented at the American Urological Association’s annual meeting in May reported that two German shepherds trained at the Italian Ministry of Defense’s Military Veterinary Center in Grosseto were able to detect prostate cancer in urine with about 98 percent accuracy, far better than the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test that is normally given to patients.   That is really amazing.  Dogs are so wonderful!

The dogs, are raised in the homes of volunteer foster families, and start with basic obedience classes when they are eight weeks old. They then begin their training in earnest, with the goal of teaching them that sniffing everything — from ticking bombs to malignant tumors — is rewarding.

What exactly are the dogs sensing? George Preti, a chemist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, has spent much of his career trying to isolate the volatile chemicals behind cancer’s unique odor. “We have known for a long time that dogs are very sensitive detectors,” Dr. Preti says.

Dr. Preti is working to isolate unique chemical biomarkers responsible for ovarian cancer’s subtle smell using high-tech spectrometers and chromatographs. Once he identifies a promising compound, he tests whether the dogs respond to that chemical in the same way that they respond to actual ovarian cancer tissue.

“I’m not embarrassed to say that a dog is better than my instruments,” Dr. Preti says.

Some experts remain skeptical and I am sure there is more research to be done before it is utilized in a medical setting, but it could be very interesting if dogs have the capability of detecting such things.  Wouldn’t it be better than getting an invasive procedure?









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