Can chiropractic care effect the lungs?

Your spine is very important because it protects your spinal cord.  Your cord has nerves that branch out of an area called the Foramina.  These nerves are then sent out to communicate with other areas of  the body.  Chiropractic doctors and other doctors have shown that nerves send signals throughout the body and communicate.   If those nerves are impaired, those signals are impaired and have stressful effects on the areas they go out to.  If those nerves are functioning well, so is the body.


In an Australian study of 15 patients with moderate chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), five received soft tissue therapy, five received soft tissue plus spinal manipulation, and the remaining five received soft tissue therapy, manipulation and exercise.  Lung function was measured before and at the end of four weeks. Those in the group that received all three treatments had better lung capacity and walked longer distances. Those who received manipulations had less gasping for breath and no one in the study experienced any negative side effects.

How does this happen?  If the ribs and tissues don’t move properly, COPD will increase symptomatically.  Allowing the body to move freely and provide blood flow to the nerves improves the symptoms and allows the body to heal. Manipulation of the spine is great for mobility and adding some soft tissue therapy will enhance motion and  decrease muscle spasticity.   This results in breathing better and less work on the muscles of the chest.  Now the patient can breathe easier and relax the musculature.

Breathing is controlled by the brain stem.   This stem is located right beneath the skull.  Neurons are in the brain stem that send signals to the diaphragm and muscles in between the ribs.  The neck bones call the cervical spine is involved in keeping these nerve roots safe and functioning properly.  Bad posture, texting, sitting with head held down, sleeping in awkward positions can put stress on the muscles and nerves creating problems with the signals to the nerves that determine breathing rates, heart rate, muscle contraction etc.  That is why it is key to have treatment to make sure these areas are free from stress and are working properly.

Chiropractic treatments enhance the body’s ability to work at its highest capability.  Most chiropractors also know about nutrition, exercise and general lifestyle necessities that enhance health and vitality naturally.

If you are someone that is experiencing a problem or just want to stay healthy, our Redwood City Chiropractic Wellness and Sports Facility is here to help you with all of your needs.  Call or make an appointment today on our 24 hour scheduler!




7 Ways To Cope with Trump anxiety

The day following the 2016 election was pretty stressful for people in the Bay Area.  Most of my patients came in the day after crying and extremely upset.  The next few months following, my patients began not showing up for appointments, not working and becoming ill.

Emotional stress takes a toll on not only you but others around you.  Every day there are tweets from Trump, constant new articles, Facebook postings, alarming executive orders, Russian allegations and racial tensions regarding number 45.  We are bombarded with it 24 hours a day.

People are worried.  Will I have healthcare?  Will we go to war?  Will I have civil rights?  Am I safe if I am black or Muslim?   This is a lot to deal with.  It is more than just a simple policy change, these are life and death issues.

According to Nervous Nation, they found that more than 1/2 of Americans (around 59%) are anxious after the election and 50% are still trying to find ways to cope with the negative environment that has started after this election.  This is not the Bay Area, this is the entire U.S.

More than 1/4 of the U.S. is engaging in some sort of negative behavior like drinking, smoking, over eating or arguing with loved ones more frequently because of high amounts of stress.

We have got to find a way to handle this barrage of bad press and energy we are encountering each day.

Here are some tips to help you sort out the emotions that may be effecting you in negative ways:

  1. Do something to gain back some power:

Write letters to the government to be heard, protest and demonstrate, call your congress representative, join an organization that supports your state of mind.  This can get you to be with people that may offer some different insight and help you cope a bit better with the day to day bombardments we have been getting in the press, online and from the community.

2. Contact friends, family, co-workers and have some real face time.  Not texting or tweeting, real interaction.

3. Meditate:  Getting into a daily ritual of meditation can help you appreciate aspects of your life that may be looked over with all that is going on each day.  Get connected to who you are and what you want out of life and find a goal to pursue to keep you happy and fulfilled.

4. Get some exercise: Working out at least 20-30 minutes each day have shown to decrease anxiety.

5. Journal: Keep a notepad by the bed, couch or desk to write down thoughts and get them out of your system.  It helps you to get rid of the anxiety of such thoughts and move you along with your day.  It also lets you know where you are in your state of mind so that you can evaluate how you are feeling.  Some times we don’t know how life is effecting us until it is pointed out in some way.

6. Plan for the worst and hope for the best:  If you write down or keep track of what the worst scenerio will be and prepare your mind for it, it can help you deal with anything.  Being prepared helps gives you peace of mind that there is nothing you can’t handle.  Now anything can happen and you got this!

7.  Hope, hope and more hope:  Did you know your thoughts most often become your reality?  They do!  Keep positive and don’t let the negativity become your reality.

Hope this helps….

Wellness Care v. Sick Care. What is the real difference?

What is real wellness care?

Most people who live in the United States believe they are getting health care when purchasing an insurance plan or when using one.  Sadly, most insurance plans cover “sick” care.  Health care should focus on health, not on sickness.  

According to to Trust for America’s Health (TFAH), it has been proven that prevention is the main element to better health.  Disease prevention could save millions of people in the United States from pain and suffering.  It’s clear to see, if you are looking, published an article comparing the priorities in the American care system and that of Europe’s.

People want a system that allow them to stay well, not only treat them when they are sick.  Real wellness helps guide patients to healthy lifestyle choices that lead to a strong mind and body, not one that is dis-eased and low functioning.  Knowing what to eat and how to nourish the body, proper exercise, normal sleeping patterns,  stress relief or anything that may need to be modified to help each individual thrive as a person is real wellness. Being free from pain is not wellness, it is a holding pattern until bad habits lead to symptoms.  

Getting a dexascan, mammogram, annual exam are great to detect if anything is abnormal but finding out what is leading to any problems with the body is real prevention, health and wellness.  

According to the TFHA, americans are not as healthy as they used to be.  Rates of preventable problems like diabetes, stroke and heart disease are on the rise even though we know what causes them in most cases.  The U.S. has very high health care costs and because people are sicker (along with tons of mandatory paperwork).  

Healthy lifestyle prevention programs can help decrease costs at work, increase productivity and less days off from work.  Quality of life goes up and people are happier, energetic and more creative if they are healthy.  It can only take $10 per person per year in programs provided by the community to increase physical activity, help with nutrition and get people off of tobacco.  Doing this could save 16 billion dollars each year.  Yes, 16 billion dollars.  

Pesticides in our food, fast food, sedentary lifestyles, high stress at work and home are all leading to ill health and people are starting to think that having a headache from time to time is normal. It is not.  Digestive issues are rampant in the states and this is from the food we are eating not because our body doesn’t digest well when we get older.  Patients often tell me that pain is to be anticipated when getting older and it is not. Pain is a sign that something is wrong, not of old age.  

Staying healthy and well is hard work.  It takes dedication and education along the way.  Taking the time to give your body what it needs like bodywork, proper nutrition and exercise is a life long process.  It is work, but well worth it.  You and your body deserve it!

At Precise Moves Chiropractic, we cover the full spectrum of wellness care.  We help guide our patients along the way with any advice they may need to get them functioning at a high capacity.  Our Redwood City office is conveniently downtown and close to all methods of transportation.  Give us a call or see our 24 hour online scheduler to make an appointment.  Your body will thank you for it!

Is sun exposure enough for sufficient Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is necessary to keep your immune system functioning properly and can help everything from high blood pressure, cancer and many auto immune issues.  It also assists with bone strength.  

Vitamin D is fat-soluble which means you need to have fat in your diet in order to have it absorb efficiently.   Low vitamin D can cause many issues like depression, fatigue, weak muscles, weak bones, Rickets (bone deformity in kids) and many other issues.

We produce Vitamin D when we get ultraviolet B rays (UVB).  UVB interacts with 7-dehydrocholesterol (7-DHC) in our skin.  Even though we get this from the sun, sometimes the exposure isn’t enough and we need to take a supplement even in the summer months.  Caucasians need less sun times during the day because of the light pigment of the skin but for darker skin individuals UV alone may not be enough and can suffer from low doses of Vit D.  

Sun exposure also puts each person under risk of skin cancer, photoaging (skin aging), cataracts and eye damage.  If you are at low risk of skin cancer and get checked regularly then you should be okay with sun exposure but it is recommended to take supplements in order to get what is needed.  Recommendations are 600 IU for people ages 1-70 and 800 IU a day for 70 and older.  Kids under a year old should only get 400 IUs per day.  

Foods high in Vitamin D are:

Food Serving Size IUs Per Serving
Cod liver oil 1 tbsp. 1,360
Vitamin D-fortified

soy milk

8 oz. Up to 120
Vitamin D-fortified orange juice 8 oz. 98
Vitamin D-fortified milk 8 oz. 98
Vitamin D-fortified yogurt 6 oz. Up to 80
Vitamin D-fortified margarine 1 tbsp. 60
Vitamin D-fortified


6-8 oz. 40
Egg yolk 1 yolk 0
Beef liver, cooked 3.5 oz. 15

It is also recommended to take vitamin B along with Vitamin D to help with absorption.

Is yoga right for you?

Did you know that more than 30 million people do yoga around the world?  14 million are in the United States who have a prescription from their doctor.   Yoga has been known to help with back pain, better posture and cardio health.  

With any exercise there come risks of injury.  There have been back injuries, ribs that come out of place, neck strains, elbow tendonitis and many other injuries if not done correctly.  

There are many poses that are difficult and starting such poses before you are ready can lead to an injury.

Handstands, bending backward and inversions require strong core and body mechanics so if you are not ready to do these poses, you can pay the price and spend a while rehabilitating injuries and not being able to engage in yoga for a time period.  

The New York Times did an investigation to find out how common yoga related injuries occur.  Pulling, tearing and sprained muscles are becoming more common with yoga participants.  So why are injuries becoming more common with yoga?   There are a lot of people who go for exercise but there are many people that go because they are trying to work on a injury that is why they got a prescription from their doctor.  

With the increase in technology and jobs in High Tech and gaming, sedentary lifestyles are increasing as well.  There are many people who sit for hours at a time and are taking yoga to improve the function of muscles that are tight or weak.  

Yoga is great but new students who sit for long hours per day may need a lot more instruction.  Instructors need to guide these individuals differently because of shortened and tight muscles and long periods of inactivity. Pushing through these exercises even if the student really persists may be a big mistake.  Don’t allow students who have not been practicing to push past comfortable stretching and make sure they get the attention that they need which can be hard when there are several people in a class.  

How often do people sustain yoga injuries?

Australia’s International Journal “Yogafound” stated that 20 percent of all yoga instructors have experienced a yoga based injury.  Opposing views in a survey from Ashtanga Vinyasa which is a bit more intense than beginners yoga stated that 62% of instructors have having at least one injury which lasted more than 30 days.  

In a 2013 published review in PLOSone they investigated cases related to adverse effects of doing yoga and discovered the most common types of yoga injuries.

Here is the data:  About 35% were the musculoskeletal system, 18% related to the nerves and 9% were optical.  Around 20% of all of these percentages became fully recovered with 1% who reported a chronic long term injury.  They also stated that there was one death that was coorelated with yoga practice.  

On the positive side, in this 2013 after this study another published study by the International Journal of Yoga found that only around 1 percent of yoga instructors reported any side effects from performing regular yoga classes and poses.

Most common injuries were back pain, joint pains in the hips, ankles and wrists.  Only around 33% sought out medical intervention.  So, if done right, injuries should be rare.  Just make sure you are ready to get into such poses.  

Here are the poses that should be prevented unless you are ready: If you don’t know what these are then you are probably not ready….

  1. Shoulder Stand or Plow Pose
  2. Headstand
  3. Back Bends (Updog, Lotus, Bridge, Wheel, Cobra, Camel)
  4. Any pose that pulls or tugs at the sciatic nerve in the lower back

How can you avoid injuries during your yoga workouts?

  1. A great way to avoid injuries with yoga and basically any exercise is to stretch or massage out any tight or restricted areas.  Get to class early and do some stretching even before the warm up stretches to make sure you are addressing any unique areas that may not be addressed for the workout to come.  
  2. Again, don’t do any poses that are too hard and if you try a new pose let the instructor know so they can help you.
  3. Use the gadgets the yoga studios put out for you for support of moves that you may need a little bit of help with.  

If you do get injured, chiropractic is a great way to get the joints moving properly again, reduce pain and inflammation and discuss what needs to be done to rehab your injury.  Waiting will only tighten up the body more and keep you immobile which is not going to help the situation.  

Our Redwood City Chiropractic office is located in downtown Redwood City and we are experts on body mechanics, sports injury and all around wellness care.  

WebMD article states Chiropractic Cuts Blood Pressure!

In an article dated March 16, 2007, high blood pressure can be significantly decreased by a neck adjustment according to a control study.

Chiropractic treatment to the neck had the same effect as taking two medications for high blood pressure.  

George Bakris, MD, tells WebMD. “And it seems to be adverse-event free. We saw no side effects and no problems,” adds Bakris, director of the University of Chicago hypertension center.

There were two groups in this control study.  One that were given real chiropractic treatment to the neck and others with what they referred to as a “sham” adjustment (not a chiropractic treatment).  8 weeks after the chiropractic treatments to the neck, 25 patients who had early signs of high blood pressure produces much lower blood pressure.  The other 25 “sham” patients did not.  

X-rays were taken and showed that the first bone in the neck called the Atlas was realigned with the real chiropractic treatment but not in the “sham” group of patients.  

Sham v. real chiropractic treated subjects:

Real: Saw an average of a 14mm Hg greater drop in systolic blood pressure and an average of 8 mm Hg greater drop in diastolic blood pressure.  

Sham: no drop in blood pressure

In the article it was stated that “When the statistician brought me the data, I actually didn’t believe it. It was way too good to be true,” Bakris says. “The statistician said, ‘I don’t even believe it.’ But we checked for everything, and there it was.”

Why adjust the Atlas?

This bone holds up the head and is aligned with the brain stem.  

“At the base of the brain are two centers that control all the muscles of the body. If you pinch the base of the brain — if the Atlas gets locked in a position as little as a half a millimeter out of line — it doesn’t cause any pain but it upsets these centers,” Dickholtz tells WebMD.

I know most people come to see chiropractors for pain but the effects that we have on the whole body are amazing!  We can effect blood pressure, the immune system, all organ systems (GI system, Lungs etc.), glands and all tissues of the body.  We do more than just pain work, we do holistic body work.  

Our office has 24 hour scheduling available online and we are located conveniently in downtown Redwood City.


Why do people get Bunions?

Have you seen anyone in sandals with their toes hanging over the side?  This is a Bunion.  Bunions are a malformed bony bump on the outside portion of the big toe.  It becomes enlarged and angles toward the second toe putting pressure on the foot.  This can be very painful.

So how does this happen?  Wearing shoes that are not supportive or move properly which leads to a person “toeing off” on the outside of the toe.

In the past, we were barefoot walking on dirt, sand and soft surfaces.  Now we walk on hard surfaces and put a lot more force on the foot leading to dropping of the arch , Plantar Fasciitis and Bunions.

Here are the symptoms of a bunion:

  • Bump or angulation on the outside of the first toe
  • Swelling, redness and tenderness of the big toe
  • Thickening of the skin on the bottom of your foot under the big toe
  • Corns or calluses
  • Pain of the first toe
  • Restricted movement

Women are more likely to get bunions because of wearing high heels or shoes that don’t fit properly. Improper shoes can cause foot problems because the big toe begins to push on other toes and tissues.

Doctors that do not specialize in the management and function of extremities may not know that bunion formation can be caused by several dysfunctions of the foot.  Bad body mechanics may go unnoticed until symptoms become more prominent.  Improper walking or standing puts added stress on the foot and prevents toes from moving and gliding the way they should.

Wearing shoes that are too tight or loose can get bones stuck together and prevent the toes from functioning normally.  Now the foot, ankle, knees and hips begin to pay the price.   Many people have been told there is nothing that can be done to change or manage this problem except tape the toe, put a divider between the big toe and second toe or have surgery where part of the toe is shaved off.  This is just a short term solution and will result in further destruction of the foot.

At Precise Moves Chiropractic we specialize in extremities and can help you relieve foot problems and help you walk and stand better resulting in less pain and stress on your foot.  We can also teach you the right things to do for your feet so you don’t continue to have problems.

Give our Redwood City Chiropractic office a call today to start your journey to long term health!

Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer?

I have been hearing about a large increase in brain tumors and since the invention of a cell phone I have been an advocate of using a headset when talking on the phone.  Now, a federal study suggests that radio-frequency (RF) radiation used with cellphones, can cause cancer.

A two and a half year study by the National Toxicology Program (NTP), showed male rats exposed to two types of RF radiation had a higher chance than unexposed rats to develop glioma (a brain cancer) and schwannoma (malignant tumor of the heart).

This radiation is not very different than what humans receive when talking on the phone.

Increased intensity of the radiation increased the incidence of cancer in the rats. Although cell phone companies have been denying the risks of RF Radiation, gamma rays and x-rays are known to be carcinogens.  ionizing radiation, which includes gamma rays and X-rays, is widely accepted as a carcinogens.  This study now support that RF radiation should be added as a carcinogen.

“The NTP does the best animal bioassays in the word,” said Chris Portier, a former associate director of the NTP who commissioned the study.  “Their reputation is stellar. So if they are telling us this was positive in this study, that’s a concern.”

The NTP decided to investigate the possible carcinogen capacity of cellphone radiation in 2001, because of studies showing a correlation between gliomas and cellphone use. Some of the studies showed that the cancers were on the same side of the head where users held their phones. But other epidemiological studies haven’t found links between cancer and cellphones.

The Food and Drug Administration, disagrees and only mentions a risk of brain tumors if carrying cellphones too close to the body.

In the United States, of about 25,000 malignant brain tumors diagnosed each year, 80 percent are gliomas. Malignant brain tumors are the most common cause of cancer deaths in adolescents and adults ages 15 to 39.  Why is this?  Why are kids getting brain cancer.  This has to be more than a coincidence.

The wireless industry and high tech sites who benefit from such use, state that the science on cellphone safety is not factual but hypothetical and not proven.

We spend a lot of time on cell phones, Ipad etc. and we should be studying the affects to our bodies.  We need to in order to find out what risks there are with this technology and what we can do to avoid risk.  Our health depends on it.

References: Mother Jones 2016: Federal study links cell phone radiation to cancer.


Why I choose not to use Groupon or Yelp Deals.

Everyone loves a deal right? Groupon is a great way to get a deal and to experience what a business has to offer.  The hopes of the owner is to have you love the business so much that you refer other people and come back again when needed.  The hopes of the patron is to get quality service at a fair price.  Making both the business and the customer happy can be tricky.  Here are some Pros and Cons to using Groupon from a business perspective.

First lets talk about how Groupon works. Groupon allows businesses to use their database which is high on search engines to find discounts. Most times this is a 50% discount which is only offered for a limited time.  Groupon provides a way to get new people to the business at the same time the customer gets a deal. Sounds like a win, win situation right? Well, it can be for some, but it may not be for others.

Here are the Pros:
1. Immediate increase in business because everyone likes a deal.
2. Increased visibility to your business.
3. New customers that you may not have already seen before.


1. Don’t know how much of a surge of business there will be and if your business can handle such an influx.

2. Groupon keeps 50% of business profits so if you are already discounting the price by 50% now the business makes no profit at all on services and can actually lose a lot of money.

3. A high percentage of these first time people do not return. Research has shown that only about 19% of customers come back for a second visit. In 2011, it was estimated that 87% of people who use Groupon don’t come back to pay full price at a business and expect the same low price if they do decide to return.

4. It may appear that the business is desperate which is not what any business wants.

I decided a while ago to use a Yelp deal. This deal gave a discount to new customers and gave me a higher ranking on yelp. Not only did I lose money but the people who were using this services wanted a lot more than was offered on the deal. If they decided it wasn’t what they wanted as far as a bargain was concerned, they wrote bad reviews. I learned quickly that this was not for me or my business. My prices are competitive already and I offer the range of care with no extra charges for helping those in need.

I do know some business owners who use Groupon and they like having an influx of new people to spread the word about their business. Don’t get me wrong, my sole motivation in life and in business is to help others and money is not a large factor for me but working harder and getting paid less just doesn’t seem in my best interests or in anyone that is coming in the door. I want to spend quality time with each person and help, not have time constraints because of an influx of people.

I love what I do and I love to help, I just don’t think Groupon should take 50% of my income and because I am a doctor who wants people to stay healthy, this means one visit will probably not do the trick.  Just like going to a gym, you are not in shape by going once.

So, to make sure everyone is happy, I offer quality services at a competitive price. Now that is a win, win! If you are interested in getting the full spectrum of health, give our Redwood City Chiropractic office a call. We can help!

Natural ways to reduce Appendicitis inflammation and pain

Appendicitis is an swelling or inflammation of of the appendix. Your appendix is a small extension of the ascending colon right above right hip in the front of the body.

Appendicitis commonly affects people between ages 10 to 30. Males are more likely to have appendicitis than women. Annually, in the United States, over 250,000 people have surgery to remove their appendix due to appendicitis. It can be fatal so understanding what is going on is pretty important.

The appendix used to be considered a left over part from our early history but researchers are now finding that it may hold bacteria for the digestion tract necessary for digestion. In my opinion, any organ you have is there for a reason so if it is in the body, it is doing something.

Appendicitis can occur if there is an obstruction in the intestine causing fecal matter to accumulate, lymph follicles, intestinal worms, tumors and trauma to the abdomen.

– pain in the right lower side of the abdomen
– decreased appetite
– nausea
– vomiting
– diarrhea or constipation
– unable to pass gas
– swelling of the abdomen
– low grade fever

As stated above, the appendix can rupture and become fatal so understanding the signs and symptoms can be helpful. Commonly the appendix is removed surgically to avoid a rupture. Any organ can become inflamed and there are different natural remedies for all of them which can save you a lot of pain and even save you from surgery.

Here are some home remedies which can help if your appendix becomes inflamed and painful. Note: Do not rely solely on these remedies.

1. Castor Oil: This is good for any abdominal pain really and helps with appendicitis. It can help relieve the blockage and take down inflammation. Put 2 tablespoons of Castor Oil on a towel place it on your abdomen, lie down and put a flannel cloth on your abdomen.
Repeat this remedy 3 times a week for 2 to 3 months.

2. Garlic: Garlic works as an anti-inflammatory which can decrease pain.

Eating 2-3 raw garlic cloves per day can help. You can also get garlic capsules (consult with your doctor first).

3. Ginger: This is a very well known anti-inflammatory. It can reduce pain and inflammation of the appendix as well as decrease instances of vomiting and nausea.

Drink ginger tea 2 or 3 times daily. I like to put it in my smoothie in the morning. Ginger tea is great and massaging your abdomen with ginger oil a couple times per day can take down the inflammation in the abdomen.

4. Fenugreek Seeds: These seeds can prevent the accumulation of waste and excess mucus in the appendix. There are also supplements that can be purchased at health food stores.

5. Lemon: Helps boost your immune system and help with proper digestion. This will help you eliminate any waste accumulated or blocked in the system.

6. Basil: This can help with the fever and helps with digestion and passage of gas. Add basil to food, put it in some tea.

7. Mint: Helps with relieving gas, decrease vomiting and nausea. Mint tea works well. Drink mint tea 2-3 times per day for a couple of weeks to get your system running better.
Make mint tea by adding 1 tablespoon of fresh mint leaves to a cup of boiling water and

8. Ginseng: Anti-inflammatory. Again, tea is great twice daily.

9. Eat a fibrous diet: If constipated, this will help you eliminate and reduce an inflammation. Beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, beetroots, carrots, broccoli, peas, prunes, wheat germ, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and other fresh fruits green leafy vegetables are recommended. Adding flax seed can help as well.
10. Drink more water: Promotes proper bowel movements and flushes toxins out of the body. In addition, water helps flush toxins out of your body.

Do not drink alcohol or caffeinated beverages as both cause dehydration and can make your condition worse.

All of these remedies will work well with digestion in general and are good to do even if you don’t have appendicitis. Keeping your GI tract healthy is the key to great health.

Note:  Do consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment of this condition. Use home remedies just as an adjunct treatment.

Our Redwood City Chiropractic Center is here to answer any questions you may have about health during all of our treatment times. Call us if you would like to make an appointment and start your journey to health!