How can chiropractic help with a sinus infection?

Sinus Infections are not fun but can be helped with chiropractic

What is a Sinus Infection?
A sinus infection is when the areas around your eyes and nose become infected. These can be hard to alleviate and in most cases you are given an antibiotic. These infections can be caused by a virus, bacteria or even allergies.

Isn’t a sinus infection a cold? No, not the same thing. Colds don’t mean that you have a sinus infection but since a cold is a virus, it can lead to one.

Common symptoms for a sinus infection are:

  • Pressure behind they eyes and around cheeks
  • Runny nose that lasts for over a week (can be yellow or green)
  • Headaches can occur because of the constant pressure and inflammation
  • Often times you get a fever because your body is fighting off an infection
  • Coughing
  • Foul smelling breath
  • Post nasal drip
  • Tiredness
  • Decreased ability to smell because of clogging of the sinuses

So, how can chiropractic help? One big factor effecting your sinuses is the trigeminal nerve. This nerve branches out and goes to the nasal passages. When we adjust the neck it effects this nerve. It allows your body to relax, boosts your immune system and helps the nerve function properly sending proper signals to the area.

We also can lightly adjust the jaw where the trigminal nerve branches out to the forehead, cheeks and chin. This can help the infection heal up faster.

Also, Dr. Gregory at Precise Moves Chiropractic has Amino Neuro Frequency discs that when used can help the sinuses clear up fast. These discs are wearable for 72 hours and have shown amazing results!

Dr. Gregory, DC, CCEP, ANF Insructor

Don’t let stuffiness keep you from doing things you love. Take care of yourself, you only have one body!

How does emotional stress lead to physical symptoms?

Deadlines, long hours, commute, family obligations all lead to emotional stress

Have you struggled with depression? Panic Attacks? Chronic Stress? Every have pressure in your stomach? Acid Reflux? Heart Burn?

Solar Plexus is located right under your ribs and can be the epicenter of our emotions. This is known as the 3rd Chakra. This is the largest autonomic nerve center in the abdominal cavity. These nerves manage a plethora of vital functions like adrenal secretion, intestinal motility and efficiency of internal organs. The inability of releasing emotional stress leads to malfunction and illness. Emotional blockages lead to physical blockages and inflammation leading to diseases.  

Look at the rate of auto-immune diseases, bowel and intestinal issues, allergies and other illnesses that were not as common in the past, showing high increases with little explanation of why they are occurring.

Here are some physical symptoms that have been shown to be caused or elevated by emotional factors:

  • Heart disease:  Type A personalities have a higher risk of high blood pressure and heart issues.
  • Asthma: It has been shown that a parent’s chronic stress may increase the risk of asthma in their offspring
  • Obesity: Stress causes cortisol to increase and increases fat in the adbomen.  When people are stressed, they also try and forget such stress by eating
  • Diabetes: stress levels increase glucose levels which creates problems with diabetes.
  • Headaches: Tension and Migraines are caused by inflammation triggered by stress
  • Depression/Anxiety: Highly stressful jobs have shown an 80% higher risk of eventually having issues with depression than those with lower stressed jobs. 
  • Gastrointestinal problems: Heartburn, Reflux, GERD, IBS, Crohn’s, Diverticulitis etc all have an emotional element of accelerating symptoms.
  • Alzheimer’s Disease: Brain lesions have been found to grow more quickly leading to this disease.
  • Aging quickly: One study has shown that the DNA of mothers that were under high amounts of stress had been effected and their chomosomes accelerated 9-17 years than mothers with lower amounts of stress.
  • Premature death: Caregivers that are looking after their spouses were shown in one study to have a 63% higher rate of death than those who were not caregivers.  
We can help you be the best you!

Chiropractic helps alleviate stress in the body, increase immune and  help the body heal by allowing your system to start going to parasympathetic status (rest and regenerate).  

Breathing and meditation are also very important for your health and mind.  IGA levels are increased with meditation.  This is an immune response that helps fight off bacterial and viruses leading to ill health.  This is why it is so necessary to meditate.  

When meditating, think of gratitude! Even if you have not gotten what you are showing gratitude for, keep thinking it and you would be surprised at what happens.  Positive thoughts lead to health and vitality, Negative thoughts can influence the body the other way.  Treat yourself well and you will reap the rewards!

Isn’t it time you tried?

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Amino Neuro Frequency is growing and helping more people get out of pain quickly with no drugs, chemicals, surgery or side effects!

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How does Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy work?
Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy consists of thin circular discs that are applied directly on the skin. They transmit neuro frequencies through the neurons in the body. The nervous system picks up these frequencies, starting a self-healing and self-regulating process.
By improving the signalling directly at the cellular level, without the use of chemicals or equipment, the results are not only faster, they are without side effects.


Ibuprofen can be harmful

Ibuprofen is commonly used for pain and is easily obtained. Many adults who use ibuprofen and other so-called nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) drugs over use the drug increasing risk of serious side effects. It can be pretty damaging to the internal organs and may not be discovered until it is pretty serious or sometimes fatal.

About 15% of adults taking ibuprofen (Motrin, Advil) or other NSAIDs like aspirin, naproxen (Aleve), celecoxib (Celebrex), meloxicam (Mobic) and diclofenac (Voltaren) exceeded the maximum recommended daily dose for these drugs, the study found.

When patients some to see me for the first time and are in serious pain, they often times are taking ibuprofen several times a day to help them get through the day.

“NSAIDs are among the most commonly used medicines in the US and worldwide,” said lead study author Dr. David Kaufman of Boston University.

“These drugs can have serious side effects, including gastrointestinal bleeding, infertility and heart attacks and are often taken without notice to doctors because most are easily available over-the-counter. Anyone buying over the counter drugs are told what dosage to take on the label but many choose their own dosage and are unaware of the dosing limits and far exceed what should be taken.

In a Pharmacoepidemiology & Drug Safety study, 1,326 people who reported taking ibuprofen in the previous month completed online medication diaries every day for one week.

All of the participants took ibuprofen during the diary week and 87 percent of them only used over-the-counter, or nonprescription, versions.

Overall, 55 percent of participants took ibuprofen at least three days during the week and 16 percent took it every day.

In addition to ibuprofen, 37 percent of the participants reported taking at least one other NSAID during the week, most often aspirin or naproxen. Less than half of them recognized that all of the products they were taking were NSAIDs. So they are doubling their dosage.

One thing to keep in mind is that the study only focused on recent and current ibuprofen users, which may not reflect what doses might be typical for sporadic or chronic users.

“I believe that the message sent to the consumer when these drugs are widely available in convenience stores and gas stations is that these drugs are safe and you can use them safely for pain relief — thus no need for reading the label,” Gislason, said by email.

Even when people do read the label, they may still ignore it because there is rarely any advertising or news articles showing damage from overuse.

“If the recommended dosage does not give sufficient pain relief, it is easier to take more pills than seeking professional advice from a healthcare person or doctor,” Gislason added.

While doctors may prescribe NSAIDs for some muscle and joint disorders and certain other health problems, these drugs aren’t appropriate for many of the reasons that patients may buy them at the drugstore, said Dr. Liffert Vogt of the Academic Medical Center at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands.

“For occasional use, acetaminophen (again in the right dose) is a much safer option and very efficacious as a painkiller,” Vogt added. “But we know that many people use NSAIDs for indications other than pain, such as flu, allergies, fever – and there is no medical base that indicates that NSAIDs or acetaminophen are of any use under these circumstances.”

“Drugs can be dangerous. They interact with every enzyme, cell in your body. I don’t think people think of this when they are taking a pill or medication, they just want the symptom to go away but forget about the affect on the rest of the body. Your organs are stressed and strained from ingesting something that is not natural to the system.” – Dr. Amie Gregory, DC, CCEP

With all of this information, why not try something natural that can alleviate pain and keep the rest of you body healthy? Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture and Massage Therapy can help a great many physical problems and keep them at bay. These are natural approaches that have been working for hundreds of years.  Most chiropractors are well versed in nutrition, exercise, holistic supplements and healthy lifestyle. This will lead to a healthier you without the use of drugs.

Pharmaceuticals if used safely can help in emergency situations and extreme pain but keep in mind there is no substitute for the natural healing powers that your body has. Taking care of yourself takes time and effort. It is a process just like losing weight, exercise and diet. We can help guide you through this process.

What to expect from us

At Precise Moves Chiropractic we strive to get you in tip top shape.  We do what your body needs.  All our treatments are tailored just for you!  This means, we may prescribe an exercise program, offer nutritional advice, Neuro Kinetic therapy, Amino Neuro Frequency therapy or whatever else we need to utilize to get you better and stay better! Oh and of course top notch chiropractic care!

We offer innovative non-invasive analysis of your body which not only detects anything that may be waiting to impede your body’s function, but helps us track and alter your treatments when needed.  This is full body care that not only helps you with any symptoms you may be experience but keep you able to do the things you love to do!

So why see us?  Because we understand the body and can guide you in every facet of health.


Several ways scar tissue can lead to musculoskeletal problems

Scars from old injuries surgeries (procedures) are over looked quite a bit after they have “healed”. Your skin is the largest organ and is very complicated as is much of the human body. After closing, the tissue can inhibit proper movement of the body leading to pain and injuries.

Normal muscle fibers run parallel to each other in a neat and orderly fashion. When scar tissue happens it is in a haphazard pattern. Just like a scar on the outside of your skin there are fibers inside your body that can not be seen. All scar tissue is knotty and twisted. So, if you have had a C-section, athletic injury or car accident injury, wherever that scar is can create improper movement of the kinetic chain it is attached to. This means, if you have had a C-Section, it can affect your core and even your Glutes since they move with the core as well.

Scar tissue is not elastic and will not move with the muscles as easily as did pre-injury. Because of its effect on movement, it will effect the joints which may lead to future complications.

After surgeries or injuries scar tissue is usually a bit sensitive. It will become less sensitive but just because you can’t feel it on the scar during a workout, does not mean that it can’t hurt you.

Chronic pain around the scar tissue should be treated by a doctor, and that is where I come in. We can do releases to the scar and test any weak muscle or joint to see how movement has been changed and enhanced. We can also accelerate healing with our Amino Neuro Frequency therapy, cold laser or other methods for natural and safe healing and keep you getting better and well.

We are located in downtown Redwood City and would love to meet you!
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Why people have misconceptions of chiropractors

Chiropractic was discovered in 1895.  This was a new, natural method of helping people generate the innate healing properties of the human body.  Symptoms would start going away naturally without drugs or surgery by the use of feeling the spine and creating movement in areas that were stuck or as chiropractors call it “subluxated”.   This approach was gaining recognition and getting results.

Because of this, the medical community was losing money as well as pharmaceutical companies who make money from people needing to take drugs for long periods of time or even for life.

So how did chiropractors start getting a reputation of being “quacks” or selling snake oil?  Well, chiropractic started to expand and people started spreading the word about the benefits of this alternative and natural process.  This resulted in persecution and conspiracy in the late 60’s through the early 70’s by the American Medical Association (AMA).

The AMA launched a covert campaign to “contain and eliminate the chiropractic profession” (that is the actual terminology used by the AMA to describe the campaign). The AMA distributed what were called “Quack Packs” to new medical students describing how dangerous chiropractors are, and that they are killing patients with their treatments which was untrue. They made it illegal for a medical doctor to associate with a chiropractor in any way (including hospitals, etc.); if they associated with a chiropractor, they could lose their license.

If this is hard for you to believe, please review the actual paperwork where the AMA was sued for an “illegal boycott” of the chiropractic profession.  It is named Wilk v. AMA. The AMA lost the case and all appeals. Here s information that came from those documents:

In the early 1960s, the AMA decided to contain and eliminate chiropractic as a profession. In 1963 the AMA’s Committee on Quackery was formed. The committee worked aggressively — both overtly and covertly — to eliminate chiropractic. One of the principal means used by the AMA to achieve its goal was to make it unethical for medical physicians to professionally associate with chiropractors. Under Principle 3 of the AMA’s Principles of Medical Ethics, it was unethical for a physician to associate with an “unscientific practitioner,” and in 1966 the AMA’s House of Delegates passed a resolution calling chiropractic an unscientific cult. To complete the circle, in 1967 the AMA’s Judicial Council issued an opinion under Principle 3 holding that it was unethical for a physician to associate professionally with chiropractors.

The AMA’s purpose was to prevent medical physicians from referring patients to chiropractors and accepting referrals of patients from chiropractors, to prevent chiropractors from obtaining access to hospital diagnostic services and membership on hospital medical staffs, to prevent medical physicians from teaching at chiropractic colleges or engaging in any joint research, and to prevent any cooperation between the two groups in the delivery of health care services.

They also mentioned during the trial of chiropractors as “competition”.

Competition between medical physicians and chiropractors was recognized by Dr. Joseph A. Sabatier, a member of the Committee on Quackery and a former defendant in this case, as early as 1964. At one point, Dr. Sabatier stated, “it would be well to get across that the doctor of chiropractic is stealing [the young medical physician’s] money.”

Here is a link that shows the data for this case:’N

So why does the general population still sometimes think that chiropractors are quacks or shysters?  Well, there was plenty of media published by the AMA to the general public that still is believed today.  Here is an example:

Medicine’s opposition to chiropractic was at its strongest under the leadership of Morris Fishbein. Fishbein, served as Secretary of the American Medical Association (AMA) from 1924 to 194.  He lead a 25 year anti-chiropractic campaign in both professional publications and the public media.  Fishbein called chiropractors “rabid dogs” and referred to them as “playful and cute… but killers.” He tried to portray chiropractors as members of an unscientific cult, caring about nothing but taking their patients’ money.  I still hear this from people today.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Chiropractic care is way more affordable than years of pharmaceuticals and surgery.

In 1949, Fishbein was no longer associated with the AMA but the AMA continued its anti-chiropractic campaign.  In 1971, H. Doyle Taylor, the Director of the AMA Department of Investigation, and Secretary of its Committee on Quackery (COQ), submitted a memo to the AMA Board of Trustees stating:

“Since the AMA Board of Trustees decision, at its meeting on November 2-3, 1963, to establish a Committee on Quackery, the Committee has considered its prime mission to be, first, the containment of chiropractic and ultimately, the elimination of chiropractic.”

Personally, when I was a youth in the 80s I heard this propaganda and would not see a chiropractor until my sister experienced headaches for days and weeks at a time.  She tried drugs, physical therapy and other western medicine doctors with no relief.  She tried chiropractic apprehensively but felt like she had little option.  She stated that after one visit “my pain decreased in half”.  She was my big sister and I trusted her so after an athletic injury I went to a chiropractor for relief and got it quickly and easily so I decided to investigate and fell in love with this natural way of healing and decided to become a chiropractor.

We get a lot of people dis-crediting us because we are not MDs.  That is right, we are not.  We are doctors who have a specialty just like a dentist, podiatrist, osteopath.  Our philosophy and outlook on how the body operates and heals sometimes differs from MDs.  We treat and understand the body as a unit and not as parts.  Not everyone responds the same to specific modalities or techniques and not everyone wants the same treatment.  We offer alternatives when other methods are not working.

I personally see MDs, acupuncturists as well as holistic healers.  All have a different affect on patients and all offer different angles of healing.  What chiropractors do works.  If you ever read chiropractic reviews, they are normally pretty positive.  It is a shame that so many people have heard disparaging statements about what we do.  Even in the case of a bad experience with a chiropractor, that doesn’t mean the whole profession is bad or unethical.  MDs can sometimes hurt patients, does this mean the whole profession is bad and should be avoided?  If you get one bad haircut does that mean all hair dressers are not qualified and you should never get another haircut?

Chiropractors have worked hard to continue to grow our reputation and help others to see the benefits of allowing your nervous system to maintain its health and keep the body functioning and normalizing.  Our nervous system is connected to every body part (showed in every medical resource) and needs to work in the best way it can to keep our body healthy.

I hope this clears up any doubt you have about our profession that I love and cherish so much.




When I chiropractor says I am subluxated, what does that mean?

The word “subluxated” is used by many chiropractors.  According to the dictionary, the definition is “a partial dislocation” or “a slight misalignment of the vertebrae, regarded in chiropractic theory as the cause of many health problems”.  

Everyone has heard of a “dislocation”.  This is very painful and can be debilitating.  Well, a subluxation is a bit less painful at first but if left untreated, in time it can lead to pain and body dysfunction.

Your spine and spinal nerves send signals to specific areas and effect certain organs.  Keeping them working optimal keeps you at your best!

Here is an informative video to explain what a Subluxation is:

Social Media – The Reality Check –

Positive Thinking Leads to Positive Health: 5 Strategies to building a better you!

Low self-esteem can effect not only your mental health but your physical health as well. Low self-esteem is normally accompanied by feelings of stress, anxiety and negative feelings. It has been shown to increase the risk of heart disease. It is true, the mind effects the body.

Low levels of self esteem can lead to unhealthy habits such as smoking, alcohol and bad behavioral decisions. In a large majority of cases, people with low levels will avoid exercise or improvement of their life and tend to remain sedentary physically and emotionally.

A low self-esteem increases stress and leads to unhealthy behaviors such as smoking and alcohol abuse. Not surprisingly this unhealthy combination of low self-esteem and stress also affects social behavior. In addition people with low self-esteem have no incentive to care for themselves. Instead of exercising and trying to improve their health and increase their self esteem levels they tend to remain inactive and passive.

Research by the University College of London conducted a study where a they took a sample of 200 adults up to 59 years old. Results showed that individuals who were more positive, optimistic and joyful on a consistent basis had better physiological function than those who did not.

This study also showed that positive thinkers had lower levels of cortisol (a stress hormone) which is correlated with Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus. Their heart rates and blood pressure were healthier than those with low self-esteem and were at lower risk of cardiac issues. Even if individuals have a predisposition to diabetes, heart issues, they are at lower risk and may never have such issues with a positive mental status.

The connection of mind/body is real and stress is the leading reason why individuals contract colds, viruses and a plethora of other physical complaints.

Here are some signs that you may need some help raising your self esteem:
1. No confidence
2. Difficulty trusting your natural instincts
3. Internal negative voice (I can’t, or I am not good enough)
4. A feeling of helplessness and lack of self care

What you feel and think of yourself matters. How you picture yourself in the world makes a huge difference on how you interact with other people and experience the world. The body follows the mind so it is imperative that you keep your mind strong. I know it is tough sometimes but working on you has its rewards. Successful people will tell you that they just kept hope and kept moving forward until they reached their goals. You can do that with your health as well.

Here are some advantages of a healthy positive self esteem:
1. More laughter: humor ignites the immune system
2. Decreased visits to the hospital
3. Optimism will assist in a quick recovery after an unfortunate event and decreases heart attacks by 50%

Here is a list to help you build up your self esteem if you need to:

1. Keep a list of things you have achieved. You may realize you have done more than you think.
2. Start with small steps to do new challenges and then move to other tasks you may not have thought you could do.
3. Talk to yourself like you would to a person you love and respect. Give yourself encouragement and credit for the things you achieve.
4. Switch to healthy habits. Try and eat a little healthier, do small amounts of exercise and move your way to 30 minutes five days a week.
5. Hangout with people who pick you up, not knock you down. Anyone that is constantly criticizing you is imposing stress on you and pushing you back. You want to elevate not deflate.

When you have a positive outlook on life, life has a positive outlook on you and will follow. Really…it is Quantum Physics!

How does chiropractic help headaches?

Head pain is very common when people play sports or experience stress in their lives. Chiropractic has shown significant improvement in headache symptoms.

Perceived pain is called “nociception”. Pain occurs when a stimuli is sent to the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord). This is what happens:

1. Contact with a stimuli like pressure, cut, puncture, heat, cold.

2. Reception: The nerve now senses the stimuli

3. Transmission: The nerve sends a signal to the brain by communicating with other nerves in the body.

4. Pain Reception: Brain receives the information and determines its action to the stimuli

Headaches can be very painful and prevent you from working, playing and living your life the way you would like. Chiropractic can help with headaches and a plethora of other issues. If you would like to be a healthier you call our Redwood City Chiropractic office today!  If you would like to book an appointment with us, you may do so online at