Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Complex regional pain syndrome “CRPS” occurs when a you have severe pain typically affecting one arm or leg. Often this problem begins after an extreme injury.

Symptoms include strong, burning pain in your extremity (leg, foot, arm or hand). You may also experience swelling, stiffness and damage to the area involved. Decreased movement, muscle loss, weakness or spasms may also become frequent. Skin temperature changes from hot to cold, alterations of color from white to red and blue with tender, thin and shiny skin are also common with this type of problem.  This pain, if untreated will get worse.

This syndrome happens after experiencing a Shrapnel blast, gunshot wound, surgery, heart attack, fractures or infections. Your nerves can be highly affected by this type of trauma to your body.

If you are experiencing this problem, please give us a call we can help!