Hashimoto’s disease (weight gain, fatigue and a plethora of other symptoms): what are your options?

Hashimoto’s disease is becoming somewhat common. This disease affects the thyroid gland. This gland is in the front of your neck and makes hormones that control metabolism, heartbeat, muscle control, brain development, mood and bone maintenance. I would say this is pretty important.

How Does Hashimoto’s Disease Happen?

Hashimoto’s disease happens when your immune system makes antibodies that attack the thyroid gland. This prevents your thyroid from making enough thyroid hormone and starts to have effects on the rest of the body. Your thyroid then works slower (hypothyroidism). This can lead to weight gain, fatigue, and other symptoms.

Women are more at risk than men. You can get Hashimoto’s disease in teens and young adulthood but in most cases it starts to show symptoms around 40 to 60 years old. If you have an autoimmune disease such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Celiac Disease, Type 1 Diabetes, Pernicious Anemia, Crohn’s Disease or lupus you are more at risk.

The first symptom with Hashimoto’s is swelling or enlargement of the thyroid gland. This is inflammation that has developed into a goiter. Goiters can be felt by touch, interrupt swallowing but rarely cause pain in the area.

You may also begin to feel more fatigued than you used to. You may feel cold when other people are not, develop constipation or gain weight because your metabolism is not effected. If female, your menstruation may be heavier than usual.

Thyroid Gland

How is Hashimoto’s disease treated in Western Medicine?
It is normally treated with a synthetic drug called levothyroxine. This is mimicking the hormone that your thyroid gland makes naturally. This will be taken for the rest of your life.

What natural methods are there to treat this problem?
Chiropractic has amazing effects on the body’s systems. It can help regulate and heal areas that are effected by improper nerve signals. Supplements can be taken for thyroid issues as well. Standard Process has a few and they are pesticide free and organic.

ANF can be worn for 72 hours!

Amino Neuro Frequency Therapy can also help with thyroid issues and train the body to go back to its normal regulation. Discs applied to the area retrain the body to work efficiently and stay that way. No drugs, no surgery. Together with Chiropractic, this is a wonderful combination!

If you have been diagnosed with a thyroid problem, we may be able to help! We can work with other doctors and help you heal.

Dr. Amie Gregory has been using Amino Neuro Frequency in her clinic with great results. Give us a call or make an appointment on our 24 hour available calendar!