Hip Pain, Do I Need a Hip Replacement?

Our hips are complex.  We have nerves, muscles, cartilage, tendons and ligaments all working in unison to help us move about, give us support, balance and stability. There are many people who have issues with their hips and have tried chiropractic before deciding to get a hip replacement and have found great improvement and have avoided surgery.

Chiropractic can be helpful in the treatment of acute and chronic joint conditions, as well as hip injuries.  After all, a hip is a joint!  We are experts regarding strains or sprains and overuse injuries, such as tendinitis and bursitis and postural issues. Some of the things we can significantly help with our care are:

* Discomfort       * inflammation         *Restoring and maintaining flexibility        *Increasing range of motion      *Strength, balance and stability in the joints and muscles

*alignment and function                    *reducing the risk of hip replacement and other joint surgeries

Our methods include but are not limited to: Adjustments to the spine and hip, soft tissue work, stretches, exercises, ergonomic and nutritional counseling.

Why Avoid Hip Replacement?

While hip replacement may seem like a quick and efficient solution to chronic hip problems or even getting a Cortizol shot seems quick and easy.   Both are more involved than many people may realize. After all, injecting yourself with a steroid is dangerous and is not recommended even by medical professionals to be done more than every 3 months.  Major surgery, and a full recovery from a joint replacement can take a year or longer, depending upon your health and fitness level.  Replacements have become very common and there are risks.

First, hip implants have a lifespan that ranges from 10 to 20 years. That means you will need another surgery to replace that artificial hip once it has reached the end of its lifespan.  If you are 40, that will mean probably 4 more procedures to keep you moving.  Also, failure of the joint can happen leading to another replacement much earlier than anticipated.

Revision procedures have become more common now because of the invention of metal hip replacements.  This was an attempt to make them last longer but some of these devices were poorly contrived leading to recalls and numerous complications.

Among the problems associated with these devices was “metallosis”.  This is a serious inflammatory condition that happens when there is shedding from the joint that is floating and causing friction leading to inflammation.  This can lead to severe pain, tissue damage and death, bone loss and failure of the implant to work properly.

It may be a good idea to think about natural solutions or non-invasive means before getting cut open and having a procedure done.  Remember, the surgeons are ready to do the replacement at any time, just make sure you have exhausted everything before doing so. There are usually several different things that you haven’t tried that will work.  Chiropractic has a great track record with joint work so give us a try first.  You may be surprised about the results!