How can chiropractic help with a sinus infection?

Sinus Infections are not fun but can be helped with chiropractic

What is a Sinus Infection?
A sinus infection is when the areas around your eyes and nose become infected. These can be hard to alleviate and in most cases you are given an antibiotic. These infections can be caused by a virus, bacteria or even allergies.

Isn’t a sinus infection a cold? No, not the same thing. Colds don’t mean that you have a sinus infection but since a cold is a virus, it can lead to one.

Common symptoms for a sinus infection are:

  • Pressure behind they eyes and around cheeks
  • Runny nose that lasts for over a week (can be yellow or green)
  • Headaches can occur because of the constant pressure and inflammation
  • Often times you get a fever because your body is fighting off an infection
  • Coughing
  • Foul smelling breath
  • Post nasal drip
  • Tiredness
  • Decreased ability to smell because of clogging of the sinuses

So, how can chiropractic help? One big factor effecting your sinuses is the trigeminal nerve. This nerve branches out and goes to the nasal passages. When we adjust the neck it effects this nerve. It allows your body to relax, boosts your immune system and helps the nerve function properly sending proper signals to the area.

We also can lightly adjust the jaw where the trigminal nerve branches out to the forehead, cheeks and chin. This can help the infection heal up faster.

Also, Dr. Gregory at Precise Moves Chiropractic has Amino Neuro Frequency discs that when used can help the sinuses clear up fast. These discs are wearable for 72 hours and have shown amazing results!

Dr. Gregory, DC, CCEP, ANF Insructor

Don’t let stuffiness keep you from doing things you love. Take care of yourself, you only have one body!