What Does “Muscle Memory” Mean?

Every athlete has heard the term “muscle memory”. What is meant by that? Do your muscles remember? Well, not exactly.

Our brains are what tells the muscles what to do and how to behave. When our brain has been shown a repetitive function it will remember and quickly pull up that action in its memory bank.

Throwing a ball, watching a sport live or on television, shooting a basket, bowling, golfing and many other sports or activity all become “muscle memory” after watching or performing these activities repetitively.

The part of the brain that helps this along are the bottom portion of the brain called the Cerebellum and the medial portion of the temporal lobe which is located right above the ears.

As you may have noticed with most activities, at first things come to you slowly. You may feel awkward, uncoordinated or off balance. Performing the activity several more times you may find it much easier. Soon, it is much easier and may not even take much effort at all anymore.

We all have experienced this, we just didn’t label it…well, until now…(smile emoticon).

So basically the nervous system and the muscular system talk to each other. Pretty cool huh?

Remember that your nervous system learns and repairs. Motor skills can be learned and that is why after severe injuries, patients can learn to walk, dance, grip again even when many medical professionals say it can not be done.