Natural ways to reduce Appendicitis inflammation and pain

Appendicitis is an swelling or inflammation of of the appendix. Your appendix is a small extension of the ascending colon right above right hip in the front of the body.

Appendicitis commonly affects people between ages 10 to 30. Males are more likely to have appendicitis than women. Annually, in the United States, over 250,000 people have surgery to remove their appendix due to appendicitis. It can be fatal so understanding what is going on is pretty important.

The appendix used to be considered a left over part from our early history but researchers are now finding that it may hold bacteria for the digestion tract necessary for digestion. In my opinion, any organ you have is there for a reason so if it is in the body, it is doing something.

Appendicitis can occur if there is an obstruction in the intestine causing fecal matter to accumulate, lymph follicles, intestinal worms, tumors and trauma to the abdomen.

– pain in the right lower side of the abdomen
– decreased appetite
– nausea
– vomiting
– diarrhea or constipation
– unable to pass gas
– swelling of the abdomen
– low grade fever

As stated above, the appendix can rupture and become fatal so understanding the signs and symptoms can be helpful. Commonly the appendix is removed surgically to avoid a rupture. Any organ can become inflamed and there are different natural remedies for all of them which can save you a lot of pain and even save you from surgery.

Here are some home remedies which can help if your appendix becomes inflamed and painful. Note: Do not rely solely on these remedies.

1. Castor Oil: This is good for any abdominal pain really and helps with appendicitis. It can help relieve the blockage and take down inflammation. Put 2 tablespoons of Castor Oil on a towel place it on your abdomen, lie down and put a flannel cloth on your abdomen.
Repeat this remedy 3 times a week for 2 to 3 months.

2. Garlic: Garlic works as an anti-inflammatory which can decrease pain.

Eating 2-3 raw garlic cloves per day can help. You can also get garlic capsules (consult with your doctor first).

3. Ginger: This is a very well known anti-inflammatory. It can reduce pain and inflammation of the appendix as well as decrease instances of vomiting and nausea.

Drink ginger tea 2 or 3 times daily. I like to put it in my smoothie in the morning. Ginger tea is great and massaging your abdomen with ginger oil a couple times per day can take down the inflammation in the abdomen.

4. Fenugreek Seeds: These seeds can prevent the accumulation of waste and excess mucus in the appendix. There are also supplements that can be purchased at health food stores.

5. Lemon: Helps boost your immune system and help with proper digestion. This will help you eliminate any waste accumulated or blocked in the system.

6. Basil: This can help with the fever and helps with digestion and passage of gas. Add basil to food, put it in some tea.

7. Mint: Helps with relieving gas, decrease vomiting and nausea. Mint tea works well. Drink mint tea 2-3 times per day for a couple of weeks to get your system running better.
Make mint tea by adding 1 tablespoon of fresh mint leaves to a cup of boiling water and

8. Ginseng: Anti-inflammatory. Again, tea is great twice daily.

9. Eat a fibrous diet: If constipated, this will help you eliminate and reduce an inflammation. Beans, cucumbers, tomatoes, beetroots, carrots, broccoli, peas, prunes, wheat germ, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and other fresh fruits green leafy vegetables are recommended. Adding flax seed can help as well.
10. Drink more water: Promotes proper bowel movements and flushes toxins out of the body. In addition, water helps flush toxins out of your body.

Do not drink alcohol or caffeinated beverages as both cause dehydration and can make your condition worse.

All of these remedies will work well with digestion in general and are good to do even if you don’t have appendicitis. Keeping your GI tract healthy is the key to great health.

Note:  Do consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment of this condition. Use home remedies just as an adjunct treatment.

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