Plantar Fasciitis An Epidemic?

Plantar Fasciitis is becoming a problem in our community.  Why is this so?

Over the years our shoes have changed, we walk on hard surfaces all day long and we sit for long hours everyday without exercising our feet the way we should.  The plantar Fascia underneath our feet helps us to move our feet when we walk.  It is made of ligamentous tissue and when stretched too far, it will inflame and become tender and sore.

Our bones in our feet are meant to move and glide on dirt and adhere to surfaces.  Now that we walk on hard surfaces all day long, owe slam our bones on the ground and our slam on our fascia.  Cold laser can help alleviate the pain, but is not necessarily a long term solution.
Keeping these bones in the proper place is essential to stop the incidence of Plantar Fasciitis.  Adjustments and soft tissue work to the feet along with proper orthotics is key to keep your feet healthy and functioning properly.

Come into our office and we can address this issue and keep you running, walking, dancing or just keep you pain free!