6 Tips To Reduce Stress

Stress is the cause of most of our problems.  Emotional stress (work, family), chemical stress (junk food, smoking) and physical stress (injury or repetitive movements) lead to physical ailments.  Keeping them at a minimum is key to staying healthy.  Here are some strategies that may make your life a bit easier!

1. Yelling…yes, I said it.  Yelling is a great way to get stress out that may be building up in your body.  You may want to find a place that is secluded or sometimes just do it in the car with the windows up and let the vocal cords go.

2. Get involved in something that is soothing.  Try and art project or even start gardening…even if you are not good at it.  Just relax and start, it is a great way to collect your thoughts

3. Go to a park, beach, look at the wonders of the earth.  It is a great way to appreciate life, get sun and breathe in oxygen.

4. Decrease some of your responsibilities if possible. Don’t commit yourself to things if it is too much of a time commitment.

3.  Forgive.  It is hard to carry anger around with you.  It is best to get rid of it and focus on enjoying life.

4. Don’t speed when driving.  You are in a stressed state when you do this and only bad things can happen here.

5. Don’t watch the news.  Unless it is a positive news station.  There is a lot of negativity going on in the news.  Believe me, people will talk about the news with you when you don’t watch it so you will be informed.

6. Try and hug people or tell them something positive, it works wonders for you and makes others feel awesome.

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