Traffic Increasing in Redwood City, So Is The Bad Driving!

In a news article just published on August 24, 2015, bad driving is happening in Redwood City, and happening frequently.  In a time where startups and the population increasing in the area, people are in a rush.  Driving when in a rush causes people to take chances and speed, got through stop signs, and disobey traffic laws. One hot spot is Whipple and Veterans Boulevard where cars are going onto and coming off of highway 101.

KRON News employee Stanley Roberts went to Redwood City and witnessed broken laws and video taped several drivers receiving citations.  Some strange behaviors are recorded in his video showing several angry and disconnected reactions when being reprimanded by East Palo Alto police.

Bad turns, missing documents including drivers licenses, running through stop signs, backing up in the middle of an intersection and many other unsafe driving habits were recorded.   Bicycle riders are increasing in the area and it is key to follow driving laws so no one gets hurt.  Lets be careful out there and if your running late, please obey the laws to keep everyone safe.  Getting into an accident or receiving a ticket is time consuming so you will actually be later than if you just obey the traffic laws.

Here is the video in case you want to watch it.  KRON