What to do about your High Foot Arch

How does this happen?

High arches can be genetic or in most cases can be caused by wearing improper shoes and/or imbalances of leg muscles.  Muscle imbalance can arch the foot.  This puts additional pressure under the big toe and toes begin to curl and become “claw toes”.  If the toes are curled, it changes the way we walk and stand. We begin putting added pressure on the heel of the foot and because of this, some muscles weaken and others become stronger.  We also tend to land on the outside of the foot, which can lead to twisted ankles and sprains.

A high arch foot may develop because the posterior tibialis muscle next to your shin becomes strong, but the muscle on the outside of the leg (peroneus brevis) remains weak.   This moves the foot in a position that adds strain to the arch and forefoot.  It is important to stretch the strong muscle and strengthen the weak one.    Making sure the foot moves properly is imperative.   There are 26 bones in the feet and they all have joints.  These joints can be moved with gentle guidance allowing your foot to be in a better position and relieve the stress on the big toe.

So how can we help?

We can teach you how to strengthen the proper muscles of your leg and relax strong muscles to keep a balance in your feet.  We also keep your foot moving properly with gentle adjusting and soft tissue work. We can also make custom orthotics, which may be necessary to keep your foot in proper position and prevent twisting and pulling on your leg muscles.