What Do Chiropractors Really Do?

Chiropractors focus on the intimate relationship between the nervous system and spinal function as well as full body mechanics that help your whole body function optimally leading to great health.

Structural alignment and proper body mechanics are essential for the whole body and systems to function properly. If the body is holding on to stress and not moving correctly, this disturbs the nerves and put added stress on the body and its organs resulting in neurological issues.  These neurological issues lead to illness and disease.  What we do is more than just alleviate neck and back pain.  We affect the body from the inside out.  We are known for neck and back pain but the reason why we are so good at it is because we focus on the whole body.  We take stress out of the body that was restricting movement.  Lack of proper movement leads to problems in the spine, brain and organs.   A symptom will happen eventually if the body is not able to get rid of hidden stresses.  This may be heart, lung, digestion, reproductive issues or pain in tissues and joints.

We can help with almost any malfunction that is occurring because we work with the master system (nervous system).  Some of the things we can help are: ear infections, high blood pressure, headaches, digestion, allergies and many other issues that can be controlled by medication.  We just do it naturally!  What we do is safe, effective and has been proven scientific.

Making sure the bones and joints move properly keeps any irritation or disturbance of the brain and spinal cord at bay allows the body to move and function properly.  Signals sent to and from the brain can be sent without interference and the body can function optimally.  Organs and tissues are directly associated with the spine and will work better if the signals controlling them are working as they should.

If you are looking to be healthy without the use of drugs or surgery, then this is the method for you.