What Makes Chiropractic Different Than Other Doctors?

One difference between a chiropractor and another physician is that a chiropractor looks at the entire body when treating a patient and doesn’t just focus on the symptom.  Another difference is that a chiropractor focuses upon a holistic approach to health and does not prescribe medications or perform surgeries. Chiropractors look at stress accumulation, poor posture, and factors that may occur after an automobile accident. Auto accidents, trip and falls, workplace accidents, and sports injuries stop your body from working the way it should.  We can help it get back to functioning the way it should.

Did you know that almost any aspect of health can be affected by problems originating from the spine and joints. Irritated nerves, sciatica, slipped discs, lower back pain and especially injuries from car accidents, can all lead to headaches, shoulder problems and can even lead to digestive disorders or any a plethora of other health issues.

The human body possesses a natural ability to restore itself and our treatments help accelerate that process. We focus on your body’s ability of natural healing. We look at your lifestyle and help guide to you to making lifestyle decisions that allow you to heal fast and stay healthy. The ability of your body’s ability to heal itself is dependent upon whether you have a healthy nervous system.

Auto accidents, sports injuries, emotional stress, unhealthy eating habits are a few factors that can overwhelm your body and slow down its natural ability to heal. All these factors can lead to spinal injury, joint stiffening, inflammation, swelling and misalignment of muscles and bones.

When your body misaligns, chiropractic care restores the body to its original form and function. When the body has structural distortions,  tenderness, swelling, numbness, tingling, nerve damage, pain and / or spasms around the joints on the spine, shoulders, arms, neck and back are common.  We are specifically trained in evaluating and treating structural distortions and spinal conditions that are leading to physical problems.

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