When Is Stretching Necessary?

I see a lot of athletes in my practice and one thing that is pretty common among amateur athletes is not stretching enough or not stretching the proper muscles before and after a workout.  Another big problem is people working sedentary jobs.  Sitting shortens muscles, decreases blood flow and puts added strains on the low back, neck, shoulders.

In everyday life, we get tight.  This is because we get tighter as we get older but we also have emotional (work/family), chemical (toxins in food/junk food) and physical stress on a daily basis.  We have to stretch just to get some of this out of our system.  So sitting or standing all day stretches some muscles and tightens others.  This leads to asymmetry in the body and can lead to injuries.  Just bending down and picking something up from the ground or lifting a light object can create the last straw on the camels back.  Stretch everyday, even if you aren’t working out.  It gets the body moving freely and oxygen flowing!

For those of you who do work out, it is recommended to warm up before and after lifting weights, running, zumba class, bootcamp even yoga. It helps to get your muscle ready for the load you are about to put on it and can help work out any knots that may have accumulated during the workout.

At our Redwood City Wellness Center, we can guide you with proper exercises and stretches to help you get the body aligned properly as well as help your joints move properly with our treatments.  We want you to continue to live the happy, healthy life you are used to! We can also help you to be at the peak of your game!

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