Why Olympian Usain Bolt and other athletes use chiropractors

Usain Bolt is one mighty fast runner and has won 8 Olympic gold medals. This is a hard goal to accomplish and Bolt has had several hurdles to jump over during his career.

Early on in life, Usain was told he had Scoliosis. This is a lateral curve of the spine and can highly affect the structure of the body. This curve can get worse in time. Early on in his career he didn’t manage it well and got injured every year.

Instead of wearing a brace or seeing a surgeon, he decided to get chiropractic care instead. Bolt states that he uses chiropractic to recover from injuries faster and states that the care enhances his athletic performance.

Top US golfer Jordan Spieth has stated many times that chiropractic care played a huge role in his tournament wins.

Tom Brady who is a Bay Area native also has spoken out about the positive affects of chiropractic care.

Aaron Rodgers who is the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers was born into a chiropractic family and has reported how this treatment allows him to remain healthy, recover from injuries faster and increases his performance on the field.

Your spine and brain are important, keep them healthy and they will keep you healthy!